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  1. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    I think it's when I was told to me that I was deliberately made small and limp so I couldn't get hard anymore. So my wife could enjoy her exploits knowing I couldn't do anything.
  2. 729964375_3e11d1715a_o.jpg

    That looks like a tasty dish
  3. Embarrassing orgasm problem

    I definitely agree
  4. Embarrassing orgasm problem

    Not being able to achieve a erection drives me crazy as far as how excited I get, causes me to leak like crazy. Do you get the same sensations
  5. Can u be a slave ?

    I'm willing to do anything
  6. My Wife Sarah For Comments

    Very nice! So gorgeous ,absolutely sexy!
  7. Can Other Cuckolds Relate To this?

    It was nice to see for the first time. How she was receiving pleasure that I couldn't give her. I was only able to see what she recorded though.
  8. Any Texas People Want To Chat

    Not many in Texas I don't guess.
  9. Can u be a slave ?

    Yes, more than you can imagine
  10. Embarrassing orgasm problem

    I have been in chastity for years now. I have never been unlocked until a few months ago. I am only 1 inch in length now and totally limp as a result of years of chastity. After my 4th year of being locked up all my wife would have to do is tug on my cage a few times and I would leak like crazy. So I can definitely relate to going very fast without her actually touching it.
  11. Any Texas People Want To Chat

    I definitely want to meet more people in Texas. I'm in the Houston area
  12. I appreciate all the feedback
  13. How often do women think about making their husband's or boyfriend's eat their creampies?