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  1. I would say. An un aware wife should have no rings, and an silver or gold anklet on her right leg. Maybe in a combo with no rings and an silver/gold anklet and silver/gold bracelet.
  2. A little dick pic of me, unfortunately no face for now. Chat only. Verify me please?
  3. My favorite time was when I walked downstairs to grab a beer at my friends pool party only to find my wife completely naked on her knees with a cock in her mouth one in each hand while 2 other guys stood on each side of her waiting for a turn. One of the guys told her that I was watching so she took the cock out of her mouth got on the couch facing me , perked her ass up in the air while she spread her knees apart, while straight at me she said I want some to eat my ass and then I want you to...

  4. Wife and i are also aiming for as much as possible, love it that there are people still who really understand cuckolding and that as much dick as possible should always be your goal. Even when pregged wife gets at least once a week a dick (and ofcourse it's not mine )
  5. Thanks for the reply's guys. Anyone can mail us at: [email protected] We love to hear advice and fantasies!
  6. This one is 5 minutes before 'the action' guy is being sucked by the cuck, she is prepping herself for a good bare fuck. Hope you guys like it, we love the positive reactions, this is what we really want to do for the rest of our lives. You guys agree it's the best thing to do?
  7. I will post some new pics on here soon, we are also happy to announce that i am an official cuck now, and wife is going to work daily as a whore. We only have to get a window or a room now and make it happen.
  8. We are very into degrading and real cuckolding. The next pregnancy will definately be from a breeding session, if it will be BBC or just some white cock sperm we don't know yet. We are also reading a lot about Total Cukolding, we are very interested but don't really know what it really is. Anyone has any experience in this?
  9. I'm happy to read this topic is also condom-free, those should be banned
  10. Thanks for all the comments guys, please keep coming with the perverted talk, we love it Here is a pic of my whore wife's cunt and tits. We love very perverted and kinky talk, also extreme and degrading, even things which i cannot post in here. Mail [email protected] to reach us directly, but a PM is fine too
  11. She does work as an whore sometimes. But we both want to make it more, so she can't even count the numbers of men she has had in a month.
  12. Thanks for the reply's all. We are very interested in the breeding lifestyle, tonight i will post more since wife is working as streetwalker tonight. Hopefully some of you guys has some more ideas of what to do next, i will post a pic of her if you guys will post some interesting stuff
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