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    We are a kinky,dirty couple and we like to show ourself nude and horny.

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  1. Love to Be a slut for everybody 

  2. I post some pics of my slutwife.Let me know what you want to do with her.she likes to abuse,but she don’t know that I show her nude pics here.
  3. I love to chat about too, let’s trade pics of our sluts
  4. Das mache ich auch gerne auf Skype vor der cam auf geile Ehefotzen abwichsen.peterhunter5 bei skype
  5. Thanks for your statement to my lady.Dont know what pic you mean if the slut bench over




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    2. Hunterf32


      And i Love it to watch how she get fucked from a bull with big cock and get abused 

      Bild_1 2019-01-01_13-34-11.jpeg

    3. DomBull4U


      Like to see her "used and abused", hubby?

      Now you're talking, hubby!

      Nipple clamps! Nipples twisted, tugged on, pinched! Nipples sucked...and her tits bitten! Flogged! Tits-ass-and pussy flogged! Her cunt stuffed and fucked with a large dildo! Butt plugged! Spanked! Fucked in all holes...fed cum!

      Yes! Yes! Yes!

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    4. DomBull4U


      Posted your sexy wife on the thread. Hope thats ok. Hope you enjoy!

      Thank you!


  6. Would you cum on this slut?

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    1. roge174wuk


      oh yes stick it in her 

  7. I love the saggy,hanging Tits.let see some more of that
  8. Fuck she hard if she bench
  9. Hello what do you prefer

  10. Its a Great horny slut

    1. Joys


      Thanks, glad you like

  11. Love your nice slut

    1. robert smith

      robert smith

      Glad you love my wife.  Do you share your lady in photos or real life or do you consider yourself a bull?

    2. Hunterf32


      Both, i ll Show pics of My wife and myself, we Are German,so Cant Share real


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    3. robert smith

      robert smith

      Thanks.  I appreciate people willing to share.  My wife's pics are all over this site.  If you have specific request just ask.  If I have what you like I will share