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  1. waveydavey50

    Is there a time limit on cheating?

    This is a little complicated so bear with me. My wife and I were into swinging then cuckolding and I have no problem with any of that. My wife said prior to us starting down that road that she's never cheated on me and as far as she was concerned no secrets = no problems. On another site I posted about a guy I played football with and the sneaking suspicion that he was shagging her but I didn't have any proof. Stupidly? actually posting about it sparked up some feelings and I've since contacted some people who have all but confirmed it and much much more. If anyone needs further details please contact me. Considering this all took place almost 20 years ago some people say..its a long time ago...you swing and cuckold so what's the difference? Thoughts?
  2. waveydavey50

    How many cocks?

    My wife's cock tally really is in fits and starts.She was married when she was 18 her Ex took her cherry and there were no more cocks until she divorced 14 years later. She said once the divorce was finalised she decided to make up for lost time.In the 18 months before she met me she had 25 different guys, some short term some 1 night stands. Since we have been married for the first 3 years no more cocks but then we got into a swingers scene and cuckold scene and she's had approx 30 different cockswhen spread out over the years that's not very many however given the stop start nature of it it's quite a few!! t