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  1. I'm originally from England and would usually say football however I figured on this site it would be mainly Americans hence soccer!! Re breaking a leg in training. Are you Ramos or Pepe???😁
  2. That is true, but I wasn't prepared for the full disclosure and " blow by blow " (pun intended) descriptions
  3. Apologies for tardy reply I've just had several health issues and ops, nothing dire just a pain in the arse (that was the colonoscopy!!) 4 kidney stone ops 4cm stones in each kidney. (I wasn't peeing those out) A liver biopsy. And several bouts of extensive physio on trapped nerves in my neck. A friend who is an ex nurse said it's probably from being thrown around on the table during an op. Ha ha I said. She wasn't laughing. It happens. Here endeth the medical news, now Sport. She finally came clean re the affair and it was worse than I thought (or better depending on your stance) I posted this elsewhere if anyone needs to know more let me know. It was a guy I played soccer with. I was almost at the end of my time playing at the level I was ( 38yo) and so not as fit, not as sharp as I once was. Every chance he got he belittled me and made sure my wife was in earshot.Even saying to her things like "How do you put up with this wanker" she'd laugh others would laugh and he was quite subtle if anyone said anything. It was the old...but I was only joking can't you take a joke etc. It's amazing how the constant barrage of someone can erode confidence and of course I started playing even worse and the inevitable happened, I was dropped and he took my place. It was also around this time I'd noticed he and my wife were friendly but it seemed slightly more than friendly. Of course ( it could have been a script) he was sharp, fit (so you should be at 23!!) and scored 2 goals. As he came off the pitch he smirked at me and said to my wife "if you want him replaced elsewhere Joy, just let me know and I'll help you out" followed with a wink so as to cover himself, however my wife just burst out laughing and said ooooo I might just take you up on that, again people laughed however I was getting weighed down with the snide remarks, however my wife just said chill he's only kidding, others saw it as just that too. After the football season ended he hung around for another 3 or 4 months and eventually leaving the town to move on to greener pastures. After he left a few people said they didn't really like him etc etc. Others also hinted, without saying TOO much that he was banging my wife. So I have no proof
  4. This is a little complicated so bear with me. My wife and I were into swinging then cuckolding and I have no problem with any of that. My wife said prior to us starting down that road that she's never cheated on me and as far as she was concerned no secrets = no problems. On another site I posted about a guy I played football with and the sneaking suspicion that he was shagging her but I didn't have any proof. Stupidly? actually posting about it sparked up some feelings and I've since contacted some people who have all but confirmed it and much much more. If anyone needs further details please contact me. Considering this all took place almost 20 years ago some people say..its a long time swing and cuckold so what's the difference? Thoughts?
  5. My wife's cock tally really is in fits and starts.She was married when she was 18 her Ex took her cherry and there were no more cocks until she divorced 14 years later. She said once the divorce was finalised she decided to make up for lost time.In the 18 months before she met me she had 25 different guys, some short term some 1 night stands. Since we have been married for the first 3 years no more cocks but then we got into a swingers scene and cuckold scene and she's had approx 30 different cockswhen spread out over the years that's not very many however given the stop start nature of it it's quite a few!! t