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  1. annmssb


    He does not know he is the biological father. Due to the circumstances and the stage of his life it would not have been a good thing for either him or us. Later, we think he should know, when he is able to include fatherhood in his life. In the meantime he still has sex with me when we can, several times a year, now.
  2. annmssb


    We have three children. A fifteen year old son, a thirteen year old , and a two year old . Our two year old is not by my husband. She was the product of intercourse between me and a young man on a Sunday morning in our bedroom. My husband arranged it and watched. He keeps careful track of my cycle and both he and I knew it was in the middle of my most fertile time. The young man ejaculated three times, all inside me, over a two hour period each time while sucking on my nipples or nibbling on my left ear lobe and softly moaned each time. I remember every second of that morning. My husband knew I would become pregnant. When it was confirmed, he was elated. It was a confirmation and validation of his being a cuckold. By the way she is precious and beautiful.
  3. annmssb


    Our third child was by another man.
  4. My husband had me e with a young man and it was his first time. My husband had me open my legs and then use my fingers to open my vaginal lips. He instructed the young man to mount me his hands holding him up on each side of me. it was very important to my husband that his first time be inside me. I saw a drop of clear liquid emerge from the tip of his penis. my husband instructed him to lean forward to just touching my opening and then he pushed the young mans rear end hard and quickly forward. It was rather startling to me, his entrance I mean. However, he was immediately inside me to his testicles and I felt him immediately ejaculate. It was instantaneous. I watched my husband ejaculate instantly into the air at the same time.