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  1. The ultimate for me would be to see two cocks in her cunt both at the same time
  2. Glad you like, I finger fucked her not long after taking this photo, after she orgasmed I took another photo of her wet and opened up cunt
  3. I'm hoping he fucks her, I've known him for years and know full well that he can be a real perv, he's 15yrs older than her, still in good shape, love the thought of him doing her on his massage table
  4. Nice to see another mature UK couple

  5. Up to date photo taken last week, her hairy fuck hole ready for use
  6. Taken from a home video, using her hole for what it was designed for, thinking about all the cock she's had up it in the past
  7. Up until two weeks ago I thought we were a pretty average mature couple. My wife has been going to a chap, who I've known for years, once a month for an aromatherapy massage, he's a retired physiotherapist. I bumped into him in a local bar having a pub lunch a couple of weeks ago and he confided in me about the massage, he knows full well I'm a very broad minded individual. He told me that on the last two occasions that my wife has been for her massage that he allowed his fingers to gently brush against her cunt, she was wearing panties but he knew she was getting aroused, on her last visit he could clearly see a wet spot in the gusset, he could also tell from her breathing and how she subconsciously parted her legs to give him better access. He thinks he could go further and was almost asking my permission, I told him to go as far as he wanted, he was somewhat surprised by my response but not totally, he said he would tell me about it via email after her next visit. When I got back to the car I realised I had a raging hard on at the thought of him touching my wife intimately, and have realised just how very much I want to watch her being fucked by another man, the thought of her on her back, legs wide open, with another bloke ramming his cock up her wet twat really gets me going, so after 55yrs on this planet I've come to realise I'm a cuck, and I love it. I really want to see my wife being used hard, preferably by a group of different men, pounding away at her cunt and ass until her orgasms become that intense it hurts.