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  1. Thank you for following me 

    1. Vera


      Hi olcrab! Thank you and Hello!

      I'm Vera, at your service(LOL)

    2. olcrab


      Looking good 

    3. Vera


      Why thank you ol'. I try to keep it relevant and ready!

  2. Thank you Mikeed! Hello, I'm Vera

    1. Mikeed60


      Hi Vera, nice to meet you.

  3. Well , Hello. That's a sweet comment. It might get a little messy but if you're willing!(LOL)
  4. Hello Milosmisa, I'm starting to think that you might want me?
  5. Hello All. I'm Vera and recently widowed almost a year ago. My husband (Charles) and I were married for 39 years. WE had what we used to call an open marriage from the beginning. We practiced a form of Cuckolding in our sex play at times. Charles never "Cleaned up" in the strict sense but one of his favorite things was to watch me with other partners , even during our Club Play which was most of our activity. We were members of many Swing Clubs across mostly the Western part of the country and a few in other locations. To the point though, We employed the use of Condoms to most of ou
  6. Why Thank you Mr. Milos! You're very kind
  7. Day 4 . Only 7 of my 8 guys could show up tonight but I was ready for them. Roger brought 3 dozen condoms and we ran out before the night was over.
  8. This was taken at The Rooster Club on my 62st Birthday by one of my partners, Jamiel. He says that he always wanted a photo of my ass. He can't seem to keep his hands off of my body, especially my ass. He likes to get me from behind and he never fails to grab onto my ass as he trusts his manhood deep inside me . I must say that this 62 year old woman gave the 27 year old Jamiel one of the best Screwing's ever. His words.
  9. My 8 guys pounded the heck out of my little pussy. It's twice it's size! Took two days for the swelling to go down. LOL.I loved every thrust and grind! Everybody at The Rooster knows that I'll put out with the blessing of my husband. I have a wonderful life. I still can't figure out why the guys like me down in Vegas.LOL
  10. Gordon is a favorite of Vera's . I'm going down, (in more ways than one) To Vegas this June. It's been over a year. This will be our first time together without Charles.
  11. Gordon and I Hooked Up! Thirty One Year Age difference. I like my them young lots of stamina!. I had just had my 61st Birthday while Gordon was 30.We have been hooking up for about 6 years up to this point. I had 8 guys that I hooked up with twice a year down in Vegas. I was very busy for the week that we were down there. These are long time partners that know my husband and I very well and we all socialize quite a bit. Not always just sex. These young men know that I'll be available for them most of the time.
  12. Making my semi annual visit with Gordon at The Rooster Club in Vegas.Gordon and I getting reacquainted. No limits for Gordon. Gordon is my favorite so he most always has first sex. The other 7 men that I saw semi-annually there would sometimes show up at the same time. Then I was really busy. I always looked forward to our trips down to Vegas. Most of the guys were of the same age group as Gordon so in addition to my fitness regimen, I could always depend on these guys to give me a great workout! They all know that I can still drain all of them dry.
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