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  1. Kaye is such a beautiful woman, she is incredibly attractive and looks absolutely delicious! I can only imagine how hot she must look being taken by her West Indian bull and his friends, with them all filling her with their cum before returning home to you oozing with all the way ...
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  6. I bet my girlfriend would sure like to have your BBC buried in her balls deep until she was overflowing with you CUM! 😜
  7. Have you ever been with her when she receives all the pleasure she longs for by the other men? If yes, do you participate at all? Before, during and after she has been used by the men?
  8. WOW ... What a beautiful pussy and I would love to taste her after she has been used by a number of hard cocks, especially big black cocks and she is overflowing with black CUM ... I would also clean up her lover's cocks too after being in her delicious pussy ...
  9. More than willing! I am a huge fan of "messy"!!! 😛😛😛
  10. I would want you after the 7 or 8 guys ... 😛😛😛
  11. Hope you liked my wife.


    1. ihmwm


      See looks delicious!  Is she shared?


    2. nocarenofuck


      Yes. For the past 10 years. Strangers mostly as we travel. Some buddies and friends of family when we're back to the old hometown.


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