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  1. I’m sure your gf is a good fuck, but personally I’d rather your wife’s tight hole. I bet it would feel good to fuck.
  2. Looks like a well used fuck hole. I presume you don’t have a similar pic of wife to compare?
  3. Fucked a lot by you or had a lot of dicks in her? Which one has a tighter cunt, girlfriend or wife? And I presume wife didn’t know about girlfriend?
  4. Does she know you posted her pussy for everyone to see?
  5. What are the chances of getting her to spread her legs for someone else after 30 years?
  6. Are you a cuck, or do you just want to share her?
  7. Curious question, what makes you want someone else to fuck her?
  8. When was the last time she had a dick other than yours?
  9. I challenge you to post her again. Pm me for my kik and tell me where the post is.
  10. It can be fun visiting with family or friends. Dinner or a movie and no one knows. In private the cuck submits as the Bull takes control.
  11. I enjoy feeling the cuck’s wife Stretch for me. Having him to watch me pleasure her in ways he can’t. Him watching knowing I am going to mark his wife inside with my cum.
  12. Curious if you’ve had any luck and a little more about what you are looking for.
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