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  1. I have become a sissy cuck who has become very feminine over the years.
  2. We have not made love in years as I like to watch her with her bulls.
  3. We were a swinger couple who like to swing with other couples and men I fancied. Over time men wanted me on my own and hubby liked to watch. So I cucked him as he was on the small size. Mostly I had white bulls at first. My first black bull was so cute looking and quite big. Hubby liked to watch and help them slide into me. I have lost count the number of black bulls I have had over the years. Hubby will do all the clean up with me or both of us.
  4. Wife's first bull liked me to suck him erect before he had her as he would tell me your wife needs a real man's cock. I would do all the cleaning up after she was shared as well. Wife has been very well used over the years by white men but more so in the last number of years by black men who are very well hung.
  5. I very much like bare back so I can feel their sperm firing into me. Men I am not sure I will ask them to wear a condom as I like to play safe sex. I have had many men over the years of all sizes. More so now my bulls have been very well hung and cuck hubby does like to help them into. If he has been good I will let him clean us both as a treat.