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  1. You will need to come to some agreement, otherwise she will just do it behind your back
  2. Great story.... I hope you both get another kid...... Cheers
  3. Many things in life carry a risk..... Allowing her to model nude with another male is a risk... Having him home for dinner and leaving them alone to tidy up was a risk you knew and took it..... Secretly you want him to screw your wife... That's why you allowed it to go this far... That was a risk which you took... And the conquences of your action has resulted in ?
  4. Sexy as...... She must tease you endlessly while locked up
  5. Wife off to work in Hot shoes with and ankletand key
  6. so who other than your wife/gf knows about your cage. And if they know how did they find out? And what did you do? mine happened when out at a boat show with close friends, walking along a pontoon next to my mates very cute blonde wife when the pontoon moved throwing her off balance, as she is very petite and not tall she reached out to me to steady herself, unfortunately for me she grabbed my crouch, what a surprise she got, a hard mentally thing, the facial expression was priceless but then the moment of truth. She said what that( unfortunately) hubby was nowhere near. I looked a
  7. Upgraded now to 6sum her and 5 big cocks
  8. How about a gang bang? Fill every hole at once..... She's hot
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