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  1. She like to wear @@@@@@
  2. How about 1.2 inch , my wife said a finger would do more than mine.
  3. How can i penetrates her 38 inches thick asian ass with my 1.2 inch ( in Erection stage) penis 😢
  4. Thank you. She also have naughty mind 😁
  5. Showing her body in front of everyone at beach club house
  6. The date night, when she go out too get fucked
  7. More of her coming. The ass i never pass...
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  9. Hello guys we are from a south east Asian country. My wife got 5'3" height and 34, 28 ,38 ratio of body. She is naughty and love having sex. But for me 230lb man with 2 inches dick can't please her. So we become cuckold and hotwife couple. Feel free to comment ..we loves to read..
  10. Your dick is a lot bigger than mine i got 2 inches when fully erect