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  1. Hey everyone, So how to start, I guess from the beginning.. When my wife and I started dating I instantly fell in love with her, her looks personality and everything in between. While we were dating we had a 4-some with a couple and I loved every second of it. What really intrigued me with the whole hotwife/cuck was seeing her take my buddys cock from behind. I was hooked, and we married maybe a year later. Long and short we have had some hotwife/cuck experiences. Now I say hotwife/cuck for a few reasons, I don't really like to label what we have. I'm not 100% cuck and nor am I 100% hotwife there are aspects of both that I love and parts that I will not do. Any who, I feel like I'm more into the experiences and lifestyle than my wife. Granted we have 3 beautiful children that take up a majority of our time and I work two jobs to keep a roof over our heads. But I work hard and love to play a bit harder. With that said I feel like I'm more open to her having sex with others than she is, and she never seems to take me up on "opportunities". I would be A OK with her being with someone on the regular or at least more than our few experiences we have had. So I guess on to my conundrum, how else can I express to my wife my desire to see her with a lover more frequently without sounds like a douche.
  2. HI HI HI.. :) 

  3. I like some of them... Not sure where I would place myself in this site but here is one that I would like to maybe add... I love watching my wife get off with another man.. But I kinda have a twist that I have not yet been able to fulfill and I'm not sure if it would be a "type" but here goes I fantasies about "catching" my wife in the act. But not like kicking the door in more like. We are at a party and she disappears, I begin to panic attempting to find her and I hear what's going on before I see it. i.e they are in a car or behind a bush.. I don't stop them I just watch from a distance. Would that be a distance Cuck