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  1. I'm very interested, but I'm in NY, sadly you're probably at least 3000 miles away.
  2. Or possibly a Hi Power fan.. like me..
  3. I would eat you till you shook so badly you couldnt stand it..
  4. Marlene needs to get pounded, and I would live the opportunity to be one of the many..
  5. Well, 7.5 and thick would be a bit easier to find, but if you come to the NY area at all, she can easily get gangbanged by a shitload of 7.5 cocks. Good luck with your search..
  6. I would love to see her, on her knees, in front of me..
  7. I'd be more than happy to substitute for her dildo, and I leave a cream filling...😁
  8. True, I cant imagine having the opportunity to fuck another guys wife, and not a load in every hole and thanking them for the invite
  9. How about some pics of her after she's been used..