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  1. Maybe she needs multiple cocks to satisfy her. One in her mouth, one in each hand and one in her ass
  2. Fab body that is begging to be fucked and creamed.. in NY, and happy to oblige
  3. She looks absolutely gorgeous, do you have any recent action shots? That body is just begging for cum..
  4. Get legal advise from a reputable divorce attorney before anything. It may not come to that, but if it does, you'll have the knowledge in your back pocket, and be better to guide you to the next step. Remember, marriage is a lot like sex, it's always better when the man is protected. Just my $.02..
  5. I'm very interested, but I'm in NY, sadly you're probably at least 3000 miles away.
  6. Or possibly a Hi Power fan.. like me..
  7. I would eat you till you shook so badly you couldnt stand it..
  8. Marlene needs to get pounded, and I would live the opportunity to be one of the many..
  9. Well, 7.5 and thick would be a bit easier to find, but if you come to the NY area at all, she can easily get gangbanged by a shitload of 7.5 cocks. Good luck with your search..
  10. I would love to see her, on her knees, in front of me..
  11. I'd be more than happy to substitute for her dildo, and I leave a cream filling...😁
  12. True, I cant imagine having the opportunity to fuck another guys wife, and not du.ping a load in every hole and thanking them for the invite
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