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    Have a few fetishes would like to explore...I want my wife to get fucked by another mans cock or Someone take her on a date and fuck her and send her home with a wet cream filled pussy. She's a multi cummer and gets soaking wet ....Cuckoldfart Rocks..Thanks to all the uploaders, you Rock !!

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  1. hi

    can i fuck your wife in front of you?

  2. 4 Tips On How To Make A Cuckold Relationship Work A cuckold relationship can often throw up a number of challenges, and this type of lifestyle is not for everyone. The relationship involves one member of the partnership, usually the male, watching, or knowing about his partner having sexual relations outside of the relationship. A cuckold relationship will often be one that is based on trust, intimacy and loyalty. Although a cuckold relationship can be difficult, it can sometimes strengthen the bond between the couple. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of a cuckold relati
  3. Tips for husbands to get cuckolded: Guys mostly start out trying to get their wives to cuckold them by putting the emphasis on "fucking other men." This is a critical mistake. Just because this idea turns you on, doesn't mean it is going to turn your wife on. Women think differently than men, especially married women, and the key word here is married. Women learn very early as little girls that being a good wife means being faithful to her husband. They also have some pre-conceived ideas about marriage that makes the idea of cuckolding seem anti-marriage. Women are taught to nurture
  4. A REAL Hotwife Story Two years ago, Nancy, a thirty-one-year-old married administrative assistant, was about to have sex with Robert, a man who wasn’t her husband. She pulled out a tape measure from her purse to measure his penis. "Nine inches with a five-inch girth," she said to Richard. Then she turned to her husband, who was standing next to her and Robert, videotaping, and emphasized to him, "He’s huge." It all began in 1997, when Nancy met her husband Richard. After they married, over time, they rev
  5. Clean-Up Tips from a Wife As a wife with an experienced cuckold husband He's been my cuckold since two thousand three Let me advise all you new husbands in training That this is what clean-up is expected to be. My husband is quite experienced in this unusual duty You might say an expert at clean-up he has become Over these ten years, he's had lots and lots of practice He must have slurped up over a gallon of cum. Now you new cuckolds let me teach you the basics What your wife will expect you to do No need to argue, complain, make a scene in the bedroom Clean-up is simply your duty. She'l
  6. My Wife Kavitha For all those reading for the 1st time a brief intro I am 30yrs old and my wife Kavitha is typical south Indian wife 26yrs beautiful voluptuous women, 5.5 height She is fair in complexion with nice big tits and a nice curvy ass always dressed in a sari with jasmine flowers tied to her long silky hair in short she looks like a south Indian actress and she is a mother of two kids. After my wife gave birth to her boss’s child things got back to normal her boss was transferred to Europe and Kavitha became the boss in her office and I became th
  7. Cuckold Gets An Eyeful And Mouthful Average – that's how you would describe 99% of my life. An auditor senior with PWC, 2 bed home in the 'burbs, silver 3 series in the drive. Married for a little over 3 years – cuckolded for nearly a year. A cuckold, for the un-initiated, is a man who allows his wife to 'be' with other men. Thereafter the number of permutations is almost limitless from a knowing acceptance of her excuses (sick relation etc) to full submissive, watching, arranging, participation etc. Until now my wife had always gone out to meet her fella, her stud, known as 'bulls'. His wi
  8. This is cuck from hyderbad india. anyone planning to visit contact me....Thanks!!
  9. “If you have something beautiful you should share it with the world “! ;)

  10. Useless Husband Turns into Cuckold By Author Dark Cavern After returning from a party, I lay naked on the bed next to Jenny, my beautiful bride of six months. As I looked at her, with her flaming red, shoulder length hair and milky-white curvy body, I felt like the luckiest man in the world. The last six months had been the happiest time in my life for me, Jenny and I had seemed to get on so well. Sure, she was the strong one in the partne
  11. Wife cuckolds Husband. I'm an always horney man, constantly thinking of sex in some form. I wonder about the type of sex every woman, I see, enjoys. That prudish old bitch everyone knows, whose ass is so tight you could stick a lump of coal in it and get a diamond out. I even imagine her with a penis in her mouth or a tongue in her pussy. That hot little thing everyone is slobbering over. Is she a hot piece of ass? Or, is she a bland fuck that leaves you wanting and needing more? Sex is always on my mind. The imagination is great, sex with any female at any time. But, mostly, I want my wi
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