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  1. Well I've posted before about my First wife Ellen. I"m skipping to this one.She fucked another guy in between here.We were married young and she never had another cock.In some of the other stories I tell about her First and second mind blowing experiences for me and her. After Ellen fucked her second guy there was nothing going on for awhile and she didn't seem interested like I did.I was still on cloud nine with all the fantasies and images in my head. I would stare at her cunt all the time if I saw her naked and imagined another hard cock stretching open those furry cunt lips. And I had already had the feeling of licking and tasting another guys cumm in her I was hooked bad and wanted her used a lot more. One day I was taking one of her friends ,actually a roommate Girl friend somewhere in the car and we got to talking. I asked if Ellen my wife as interested in any guys since the last guy Doug that she fucked.The girls go out together a lot so I figured her friend would know. well in the course of the conversation she say no not really..... of course you know about Chris What? wait what? who's Chris?. The friend turned red and said Oh Ohhh! maybe I shouldn't have said anything. Of course my blood rushes and my head spins thinking my wife is cheating.It fucking hurts like hell and makes me mad and sad but....unreal excited for some reason.(You can never explain this cuckold stuff.) So i get the girl friend to start talking and she tells me about this singer who has his own act. and that Ellen my wife has been going home with him for awhile before she comes home to me.Meaning that when I got to fuck her those nights I was getting sloppy seconds and didn't know it Dam it. I make the girl friend tell me all she knows and by this time we were out on a country road and I pulled over and start pulling at my engorged hard cock and she looks down and smiles and sees I'm actually enjoying her telling me about my wife and her new Lover.She know I like my wife with other men... its a weird pervy feeling new tome talking like this with her but very exciting. Turns out He has this big cock and cums huge loads up in my wife and in her mouth that she brags about trying to swallow with her GF.I,ll call her Vicki because that was her name. Vicki is a loose piece of ass and gets laid a lot . So as shes telling me horny stuff about Ellen and enjoying it I just pull out my cock and start to rub it in front of he telling her to suck me. I got to get off and cum my cock was so hard. She was killing me with the talk about my wife and a huge cock and cum. She wouldn't suck me off or anything though some kind of loyalty thing to my wife, her friend, I guess. So I urge Vicki to tell me more and find out this singer guy has a good looking friend that they both did her in his Hot Tub.One in her cunt and one in her ass mmmmmm Holy shit that was all I needed to imagine 2 nice hard cocks thrusting up inside my wife's married holes and I start to spurt to the wide eyed amazement of Vicki I just kept cumming all over my cock and hand ..a huge load for me. What was fun was doing it in such a pervy way.... Vicki my wifes GF telling me about my wife's extramarital doings as I jerk off in front of her.I even caught glimpses of Vicki's smaller tits naked under her shirt and the super pointy nipples. So I just finished cumming and I start to reach for something to cleanup the mess and Vicki stops me and says I got this. With that she drops her head and starts sucking up all the cum like a mad women enjoying it like a feast. I never saw a woman enjoy the cum so much it was so hot and unreal cleaning up my cum every last drop and smiling and wiping off her mouth saying that was good. It was strange she wouldn't suck me but she loved cleaning up the cum.What a gal. I hope to tell you more about adventures of Vicki and licking her cunt after a boy friend unloaded up in her!
  2. When I started getting urges to try this this wasn't much out there then as there is today. I just heard the word Cuckold in Victorian novels with Kings getting cukolded by someone in the Kingdom fucking his Queen. So mostly how I learned was by instinct. My wife Ellen who I just wrote a story about here in story section ( Ellen gets it for the first time) was naive and innocent when it came to sex. But she was incredibly instinctive to what I actually wanted.I didn't blurt right out and tell her I wanted to taste another mans cock in her or taste her used violated married hole, the ultimate act of a cuckold... but she knew. The first time I got to see my wife with another guy she made sure I could see what she was getting done to her, like opening her legs while sucking a nice cock in her mouth pulling her hair back so I could get a good look and feel the hurt and humiliation and the incredible erotic scene. Another example was she included me in her play like the first cock I saw in her mouth she stopped sucking and kissed me harder the ever before putting her tounge all around in my mouth so I could taste my lovely wife with cock breath from another guy ...mmmmm I'll never forget that. I licked her the first night she came home with a strange load so she knew for sure what I wanted and this second night that I got to actually watch her get it because after I went in another room for them to be a lone a little bit( Really I had a little too much to drink and went to lay down for a bit) I could hear the grunt ..grunt uhggg giggle ... fuck and slap noises. Soon my wife shows up standing above me naked holding her pussy and she says"Hi honey I have his cum in me where do you want it I thought you might like......?" I just moved her hands away to see gobs of man seed starting to oooze out of her just fucked hole and she was ,like a good girl offering it up to me..what a Gal! She was learning and knew by instinct what a cuckold wants.And what I wanted out of this act. Her job was to have pleasure and bring me evidence of the pleasure and stick it in my mouth so there is no mistake that she got used by a hard strange cock and he emptied in her married mommy hole ...violating our marriage and trust and everything that goes along with it.But its exactly what I wanted!
  3. Oh I'm rooting for you guys .. don't miss an opportunity to expand your lives before its too late. Although I got my ex wife and a GF or 2 to fuck for me this current wife won't do it. Don if hes like most of us we are dying to see wife get it good again and again. He may be nice about it but he's burning inside to see you with your legs spread and another mand balls slapping your ass and seeding you. Then see the aftermath of the mess your new lover has made mm.
  4. sometimes I wouldn't make it up in her pussy I'd have cum all over the place just looking at her sexiness or a good shot of his cock stretching her pussy lips open farther than I could mm. Once with out touching myself...just spurt spurt spurt arrrhhgg
  5. This isn't Ellen but looks very similar when she was young and getting cock her pussy looks like that and have seen and had the pleasure of licking out a few loads or some like that. She would do the same just turn her head away a little and open her legs for me to dive in after another cock had left his seed up in there. Not Ellen but pics like these bring back the memories and hardness.
  6. Money I think Niki She wanted things she never got but she tried .
  7. Tell me how you like this story i always wanted to tell these true events
  8. We were married real young 18 and 19 years old. Ellen was a virgin with a beautiful perfect body. We had a kid so she turned into a Hot mommy magically. Something about a young hot mommys guys want to fuck. Her tits pointed straight up in the air. They were a perfect size for me anyway not too much not too small. I would see guys looking at her and get jealous as hell but always got excited too didn't know why.Thought it was because she was mine and hot and nobody elses. We were in the 70's then and people would get naked and skinny dip and such. My wife had a Gf that knew of a place where young people would go. we went for the heck of it. wow there were a lot on beautiful bodies around tight thin nice! Ellens friend whipped her top right off and sat there smiling with her big titties hanging out. This brought some guys over right away to "just talk". It was hot, I told Ellen she should try it its OK.She smiled and just said alright I will and whipped off her top to the delight of the now long cock onlooking guys>I liked it and again don't know why . She was my wife i was the only one who's suppose to see her like this. But this was new and very exciting we had to do this more I thought. Well we went there again soon after that day. And the next time Ellen and her gf took off their bottoms. Oh God Ellens cunt lips are now @@@@@@@ to a bunch of guys and other women whos cunt lips I was enjoying to the max!. We would go home and fuck hard after those days and I would ask her if she liked guys looking. She would smile and say its ok but i knew she was as excited as I was looking at the guys cocks hanging in her face as they stood around talking to us by the pond on a blanket. It was perfect I had a good view of like 6 guys all stranding around my wife. cock and blss close to her face at times mmmmm. What was this feeling it was all wrong? Moving forward a couple of months after the summer and pond closed I was reading a Gallery magazine and read a story where the man actually watched his wife getting a strange cock and cum in her and the husband just jerked off excitedly cumming everywhere as his wife got seeded. I was kind of sicked reading this but looked down at my cock and saw i was sooo fucking hard. I started to imagine my sweetie with her legs spread as a big set of balls slapped her ass in front of me, I had to jerk off and came soo hard it was unreal . I told my wife about the story , her eyes widened for sure and said "you want this?" She said " I don't think I could do it I only need you" I told her I don't know might be something to try after all Ellen never had another cock besides me. Not even a Boyfriend. The more I thought about it the hornier it made me . I would look for more stories about this subject and get more excited. Well as time went on I became obsessed and needed to see my wifes pussy lips with a cock in it going in and out. I would look at mine and we would play games that I was another man up in ner and I was watching her get it . And she would say "see him in me honey, see his cock in your wife?" This would make me cum hard and she would cum soon after. She was still having trouble with doing it. Ellen one day hooked back up with her gf who was kind of a slut. she wanted my wife to go see some band. It was neat waiting at home for her wondering whats up if guys were hitting on her, imagining all kinds of dirty things. she would come home and say it was fun. they started to go out often she liked one band and a couple of the guys liked having her there. Shit my wifes going to fuck the band soon I thought like a little groupie whore. I would grill her when she got home and she say we just talk and its fun. And no i didn't fuck him. Dammit i wanted it yet I fucking didn't want it. What was it? I kept soul searching and struggling with this. She knew she had my permission to spread for a guy who's nice to her. Well one night she was very late coming home. I was pacing worrying about her. Was she OK or wait was she fucking?? soon a strange car pulled up in the driveway and just sat there.I knew she had to be in the car but I didn't bother them in case he was going to fuck my wife I wanted her to get it there. I tried to see if there was any movement like her head bobbing up and down.. but no couldn't see. The car drove off and my sweetie came in the house and smiled at me I thought " she got fucked!she looks like shes been fucked good" She told me she met a guy the other night and he just gave her a ride home from the Bar. He was real nice. I said you fuck him Ellen? kind of mad but I was spinning with a lot of emotion. She said "Noo" I said "well you sure look like you did" She said we just talked and stuff" I kept at her because something didn't seem right. I bugged her again and again. until she started to cry a little ...and I knew it she got fucked! She nodded her head finally and said "yes he fucked me but I didn't want to hurt you and tell you." I almost passed out I wa s mad ,sad ,angry, hurt,humiliated, but so excited I can't explain.My wife was a virgin to me and her getting another cock up in her sacred place was very meaningful.I said well its ok i guess I wanted it" She tole me this guy wanted her real bad. I thought just because a guy wants you you don't just fuck him. thats every guy in the world. She was hot ,beautiful ,and a mommy. I said "tell me details I want to know everything" she was shy so I led off. "Where he fuck you?" she said "in the car in the woods they went parking and talking" "You make out first I asked?" she nodded yes. he finger your pussy and you grab his cock knowing how this goes. she nodded yes. "Then what did you suck his cock was it big ,bigger than mine?" She said "yes bigger than yours" I"m over 7 inches the way she said it it seemed a lot bigger. I said "did her cum in your mouth/" just then her eyes widened and she came alive more. she said Yes he came in my mouth and this guy had so much cum it ran down my chin as she was smiling at me and went all over." That's exactly how she said it I will remember it forever. Images of my sweetie with a nice looking guy with her hand around his big long cock and cum drooling down her face. I liked this I thought I' m hearing what I've wanted for a long time. Its weird to the max but so exciting. She told me in details as I goaded her how he fucked her. "All kinds of ways" she said. And "he came in my pussy 2 more times". I couldn't believe my little wifey just said that. She just got a cock up in her in all different ways in a car in the woods and she know has 2 loads in her vagina from a stranger practically. I had to see her pussy I just grabbed her pants and panties down and made her sit on a chair with her pants around her ankles and had her spread so I could study her fresh fucked cheating mommy hole. Well that's what she was now, and I liked it. I stared at her cunt which is always tight, and saw a little red and her furry little mu was a little matted.MMM.. I said looks like there's cum still there Honey. She just stared at me wide eyed amazed that i would be interested in his cum. Oh but that was my biggest obsession the cum she got in her married cunt. The ultimate act of unfaithfullness. Although its what I wanted she still went ahead with it and liked it and I imagined all kinds of things she was doing with this other guy maybe new things. Well I looked t]at her cunt and drove my tounge as far as I could up in my wifes fuck hole. Tasting all I could in her. She said " what are you doing?" I told her I wanted to taste him in her. she looked even more amazed that I wanted to taste his cock and cum. And I did I could get the taste of a different cock it brought back memories of a buddys cock when we were young that we tried sucking o a couple of times and i could smell and taste the distinct flavor of cum .I knew that from tasting my own to get use to it in case this day arrived . I had to fuck it, I grabbed wife on the bed and had her on top of me and I slid into her just ruined mommy hole. What a feeling like velvet still coated with another mans slimy seed. The images in my head and the feeling of her pussy had me jerking and cuming in like only 10 strokes I couldn't take it and blasted my cum on top of her new lovers huge loads Unreal cum it was soo hard it almost hurt. Well my wife says almost angrily " if i knew you were going to get this excited I would have done it sooner" All I could do is look over and see her standing there her pussy redder and cum oozing out now and down her legs she looked so beautiful . More men would have touse that so can see and maybe lick as she got more strange penis...Oh ellen!