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  1. Hi Guy, a hubby 48 from Delhi who loves to talk about wife to strangers. Looking for young guys (till late 30s) who love the talk about others wife. I am not a shy kind, and can talk anything Would prefer to meet young guys In Delhi who interested in talking to a hubby about his sexy wife. Rest on mails punjabibibi at gmail
  2. Bull is active ( or a dom) in a cuckold relationship while a cuckold is passive ( or sub) in such relationship. Unless one has a Jekyll and Hyde personality, I do not know how can one be both. Seems largely improbable but then exceptions are always possible.
  3. Hot dick pics, you are hotwife dream guy and a cuck delight!
  4. I am normal sized, but yet I have cuckold feelings. Small size or premature ejaculation has something to do with being cuckold but that is not a sure thing - it is also how mind is conditioned.
  5. I have an observation that most, if not all, cuckolds are bisexuals in various degrees. Some may just be bi curious, who would not have any overt sexual relationship with the guy ( the 'Bull' ) while some may be wholly into guys - sucking and getting fucked by the other guy! Either way, their certainly is some sexual tension between Cuck and the bull. In many cases the Bull too doesn't mind having sexual contact with the Cuck and is thus cannot be called 100% straight ( - as most would like to portray to the world, and even to self). There is not to make any judgement : if anything, bisexuality, IMO, makes the cucks ( and such bulls who are into guys too) the blessed lot, who can swing both ways and thus enjoy wider experience :-) What is your take on this?
  6. So, you guys like sloppy seconds? I personally find the idea hugely exciting! After a wife has been fucked and used, entering a hole that has been amply lubricated and dilated by the bull is such an exciting thought! I think I will cum within 2 minutes of entering such a pussy I'd also love to rub the bulls cum on my dick and masturbate, if entering the pussy is denied
  7. Hi folks, This is a 45 year old cuckold male of a hotwife from Delhi. Am seeking other cuckolds , incest lovers from Delhi to connect with. Would also love to connect with local ( Delhi) bulls.
  8. Hi, another cuck - curious married guy here. Would love to connect with local cucks or bulls who also like the idea of talking about wife with cucks.