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Finally I was able to watch my sexy wife get fucked so good! Her ex co worker came by, good looking Spanish man very well hung and gave it to her like I couldn’t believe. I was in the closet the entire time, the excitement and arousal was beyond by belief.  Tomorrow night is round 2, I hope to have video and photos ! 



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Years ago I met a woman who told me she was not dating anyone and we went away for a weekend skiing trip. I brought home to her apartment and was helping her unpack in her bedroom when there was a noise at her front door like it was being unlocked. She told me to hide in her closet because it must be her boyfriend and she didn't want him to find me in her bedroom. I hide in her closet and the guy comes into her bedroom and asked if she had a fun time with her girlfriends. The woman is telling her boyfriend to take her out for a drink and she will tell him about her weekend. Well the guy starts to tell her how much he missed her and was hoping to get some pussy right now. The woman then starts laughing and tells him that she really wants a drink and that when they came back she would fuck him real good. Well they leave and now I can escape but something was running around in my head telling me to stay in the closet.

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