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  1. My girlfriend and I once went out to eat with another couple, after dinner my girlfriend and her friends boyfriend went out to smoke a cigarette. When they came back to the table after a long time the other couple got into an argument and the woman ran into the restroom crying and my girlfriend went with her. The Guy said that I should check and see if they were okay and when I knocked on the door my girlfriend told me to come in and the other woman rushed out. I asked if everything was okay and she just pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties and said to me this is what all the commotion is about. My girlfriend said that after they finished their cigarettes they went back to his car and he fucked her in the back seat and told her to pull up her panties and go back to the table and pretend that nothing happened. He told her that she should let his cum drip out of her pussy all night and continue to act like nothing happened between them. This picture brings back memories of that night.
  2. Nothing like your girlfriend coming home after a night out with a fresh load of cum still leaking out of her pussy and telling you how she got fucked and how she needed you to fuck her right now.
  3. That is such a fine photo, I once had a photo like this of my girlfriend that her friend took when they were both out partying. Please post more .
  4. Love that just fucked pussy..swollen and leaking cum
  5. My girlfriend would come home after a night out and come to bed and tell me about all the strange guys that she meet and how they fucked her. She would always tell me sex is like cooking you have to get the pan hot before you put in the meat. So she would lay back in bed and tell me to start licking her pussy.
  6. I would send your wife home filled with my cum dripping out of her hot pussy. Your wife would have a good story to tell you while you licked her pussy clean.
  7. My girlfriend would come home and swear that she didn't have sex with anyone and said look I'm not wet, so I pushed her down on the bed and started to lick her pussy and it tasted like latex. I told her I was sorry that I accused her of cheating but I knew that she was getting fucked whenever she went "out with the girls". This continued until she came home with a swollen pussy and was full of cum. She was slightly tipsy and asked me to kiss her pussy and as I was starting to go down on her she must have realized that she was still wet and clamped her legs shut. I pushed open her legs and told her to lay back and let me clean her up properly.
  8. I'm known as have tongue will travel. I'll kiss your wife's sweet holes till you both cum, her in my mouth and you in her mouth. I'm not afraid of cleaning her pussy after you've filled her. Where in the Poconos are you.
  9. My Girlfriend Ginger and I went to a swing club and Ginger said she was going to the bathroom, well an hour later I find her playing pool with two guy's and when it was her turn to shoot she leaned over the pool table and I could see her pussy was freshly fucked and some cum was still running down her legs. Ginger yelled out to me that if I had found her half an hour ago I would have been able to watch her get fucked by these two guy's. After Ginger made her pool shot she walked over to me and smiled and gave me a big deep kiss like the last clip and asked me if I tasted any cum cause she sucked both guy's cocks clean. Ginger then grabbed my hand and pulled me over to a couch and lay back spread her legs wide and told me to lick her pussy clean. The two guy's just kept playing pool and Ginger shouted at them "no cheating I'll be back when its my turn".
  10. I would love it when my girlfriend would come home after a night out and let me clean her well used pussy, she resembles the woman in the second photo