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  1. Once when driving home from a night out in Manhattan , the traffic was backed up on the highway so I exited and took the local route home. This entailed driving through an area where Hookers would walk the streets looking for customers. My girlfriend Ginger was feeling no pain and giggled that she wanted to try being a Hooker. Ginger was no stranger to meeting men and loved for guys to cum inside her pussy. I drove around the block and pulled over to an area where there wasn't anybody and told her to get out and flag down some guys in their cars. I told her that she should tell the guy to find a nice place to park and after they finished to drop her off at this same spot. I told her I would follow the car she got in and make sure that she was safe. Well Ginger was wearing a very sexy low cut dress and as soon as she got out of the car I noticed headlights coming down the street. The first car drove by as Ginger was standing at the curb and another car was approaching Ginger and pulled over and started talking to her. I saw Ginger walk over to his car and open the door and get in. When they drove by me I could see Ginger smile and sit closer to him. I followed them for a few blocks and the car pulled over and all I saw has Gingers head disappear and then after ten minutes the car door opened and Ginger and the stranger got into the back seat. All I could see was the guys head and shoulders going back and forth. After another ten minutes Ginger gets out of the car and starts to walk over to where I'm parked. Ginger opens the door to my car and tells me to drive away. She then tells me that the guy wanted her to suck his cock but she told him she would but he also had to fuck her. Ginger said that as she was sucking him he was fingering her pussy and that she got really wet and demanded that he fuck her immediately. Ginger said that he started to put on a condom and that she told him he could fuck her without a condom but that he was nervous and only would fuck her with one. Ginger said that the guy asked her how much she wanted and she told him that she would leave that up to him. I never found out how much he paid her because when I asked she said it was her money and if I continued to ask she would start charging me. We drove home and went straight to bed where she said that she was going to stay dressed and wanted me to pretend that I picked her up off the street and that I took her home because she needed a ride. That was one wild night.
  2. You just cant beat the feel of fucking a just fucked pussy
  3. I agree, I would fuck my girlfriend when she came home after a night out and she would tell me about the guys she meet and how they fucked her, she would always fuck bareback and would always tell me to lick her pussy first. She would say that you had to get the pan hot before you put in the meat. Whenever I would ask if the guy came inside of her she would tell me to start licking and then what do you think. I miss that woman.
  4. Ginger always preferred to go out and find men at clubs and have them fuck her in their cars, she would them come home and tell me to lick her pussy and as I did she would tell me about the strange men that she meet and how good they fucked her. This last picture brings back those memories.
  5. Love that smile on the second photo
  6. This is so hot, unfortunately my girlfriend would only get fucked without me being there and would come home and show me pictures and tell me how she fucked strangers who she met at bars.
  7. Those were some fine freshly fucked women, pick my favorite, okay the one with the cum dripping out of the sweet pussy.
  8. This last photo looks just like Gingers pussy after she fucked her Boss. I picked her up after work and she jumped quickly into the car, sat down spread her legs and raised her denim skirt and showed me her just fucked pussy. Her Bosses cum was dripping out and she just kept scooping up the cum and rubbed it all over her pussy lips. I drove a few blocks away and parked on the service road of the highway and Ginger climbed into the back seat of the car and told me how wet she was and that she needed my cock. I climbed over the front seat and slipped and my face was just inches from her pussy and she grabbed my head and pulled me right into her pussy and told me to take a good look at her well fucked pussy. Ginger told me to fuck her and that she would tell me all about the different ways her Boss fucked her.
  9. Years ago I met a woman who told me she was not dating anyone and we went away for a weekend skiing trip. I brought home to her apartment and was helping her unpack in her bedroom when there was a noise at her front door like it was being unlocked. She told me to hide in her closet because it must be her boyfriend and she didn't want him to find me in her bedroom. I hide in her closet and the guy comes into her bedroom and asked if she had a fun time with her girlfriends. The woman is telling her boyfriend to take her out for a drink and she will tell him about her weekend. Well the guy starts to tell her how much he missed her and was hoping to get some pussy right now. The woman then starts laughing and tells him that she really wants a drink and that when they came back she would fuck him real good. Well they leave and now I can escape but something was running around in my head telling me to stay in the closet.
  10. My girlfriend and I once went out to eat with another couple, after dinner my girlfriend and her friends boyfriend went out to smoke a cigarette. When they came back to the table after a long time the other couple got into an argument and the woman ran into the restroom crying and my girlfriend went with her. The Guy said that I should check and see if they were okay and when I knocked on the door my girlfriend told me to come in and the other woman rushed out. I asked if everything was okay and she just pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties and said to me this is what all the commotion is about. My girlfriend said that after they finished their cigarettes they went back to his car and he fucked her in the back seat and told her to pull up her panties and go back to the table and pretend that nothing happened. He told her that she should let his cum drip out of her pussy all night and continue to act like nothing happened between them. This picture brings back memories of that night.
  11. Nothing like your girlfriend coming home after a night out with a fresh load of cum still leaking out of her pussy and telling you how she got fucked and how she needed you to fuck her right now.
  12. That is such a fine photo, I once had a photo like this of my girlfriend that her friend took when they were both out partying. Please post more .
  13. Love that just fucked pussy..swollen and leaking cum
  14. My girlfriend would come home after a night out and come to bed and tell me about all the strange guys that she meet and how they fucked her. She would always tell me sex is like cooking you have to get the pan hot before you put in the meat. So she would lay back in bed and tell me to start licking her pussy.