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  1. Well said Robert, completely agree with you. You have found the perfect partner to deliver on that philosophy and I for one look upon that good fortune with envy.
  2. Yes please. How many times?
  3. Love that look. Love those nipples. Love Elaine
  4. That's a beautiful pic of Elaine. Love that smile, it speaks of innocence, but we know better. She has been the perfect wife.
  5. Elaine in her prime - GORGEOUS
  6. Elaine obviously had a lot to live up to, but I reckon that she succeeded with honours. You have the magic touch Robert.
  7. No, unfortunately. We have been on different continents. Just love her personality and sexiness
  8. How about a spit roast or multiple dicks pics
  9. The worst decision I ever made was not marrying Elaine. You win some, you lose some.
  10. Love the old polaroid pics. It was so prescient of you to take so many, knowing that they would become so precious. If I remember, it wasn't a cheap hobby but I reckon you have got your investment back in spades. Such a great body, such a great woman.
  11. It seems superfluous to highlight any of Elaine's particular physical features. Just look at that ass. She has a body as perfect as anyones at that stage, from head to toe. Elaine's quality would come through in complete darkness; she has that sort of presence.
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