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  1. Setting up for a great story. Looking forward to the next chapter
  2. scott25660


    Great set of pics. A very hot lady. Thanks
  3. scott25660


    Terrific. Dream come true
  4. I would like to take her out to a public place dressed in suitable attire and surreptitiously ( and openly ) grope her throughout the evening. Touching and rubbing, and then to bed when we got home, maybe with a partner that she picked up on the way.
  5. WOW what a beauty. I want one of them for Xmas and if not sooner. She oozes sex, gorgeous body, and obviously gorgeous mind.
  6. She is good looker. Look forward to the pics and vid of round 2
  7. Gee, she is a cracker from the top of her head to the end of her toes. Would warm me up lovely. Thanks for sharing
  8. Would love to Robert. The smell and taste would be exquisite
  9. Superb. The thought of Elaine taking that just turns me on so much. I love that lady more each day
  10. Look at that lovely bush on a gorgeous tanned body.
  11. WOW. I think everyone is a winner here. Would love to be in your position. Thanks to all for sharing
  12. Gee, I could have gone some with Elaine when we were both in our prime. It makes me sweat to think about it!
  13. Lovely situation. Enjoy it
  14. That sounds a great relationship