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  1. Your a beautiful woman and I would love to spend a couple of hours with you. First lots of foreplay and then to finish. I’m not a bull and not hung like a horse, just love sex. I don’t have notches on the bedpost either. I live about 75 miles from Nashville. I’m just a common person that likes to have a good time. I’m 62 but love slow sex and lots of foreplay. I like giving massages. If Interested in just trying another man to see how you feel let me know. I’m respectful and gentle and playful. No strings attached. I’m not interested in changing your marriage either.
  2. Don and Cathy, I live about 52 miles from you. My wife and I have met other couples for dinner and see if we are compatible. I can’t be a cuck because I’m like your husband not into the demeaning. We enjoy good a Company love Tn. Vols. It just adds to our marriage. We are not looking to change our marriage but just adds to it. We don’t post pictures or hang out on the websites of swingers. We are always looking for just one couple to hang out with and meet for dinner and sometimes it leads to more. But we always are very respectful and upmost very discreet. My wife is a Elem. school teacher. I’m retired. If you like to chat my email is [email protected]
  3. I also look forward to more pictures and video a video is worth a thousand words. She is fine wish I was her co worker.
  4. Would love the rest of story and tape too. Great story.
  5. We would like to see the video too.
  6. Dear your beautiful. I'm in Kentucky but you go it all. Wish I could have a chance to make you feel ready. I would love to see more.
  7. So sorry, hope she continues to improve quickly. God's speed too. Hope everything works out when she is better. If not so what is more about her recovery.
  8. Good luck. Keep it going I need to know how it all works out. I wouldn't be scared but she laid it out that if she fell in love and you pushed her to this, I would hate to see her fall in love and leave, that's not what you want or deserve.
  9. I would tell her I change my mind about this situation I'm afraid you may lose her
  10. Contact me. I'm dying to know so I can send mine out.
  11. It's a great feeling and if she tells you all the details then it's awesome. Keep me informed.