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Role Play Fun With Older Bull


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Experienced older man, South East UK, good shape, above average cock size Loves role playing fun with couples from younger up to around my own age (60).


Lots of scenarios, your place ot hotel based - can "script" new scenarios especially for you around a brief outline of your kinks if you'd like ;)


One of my favourites was this one:


I play a businessman staying overnight in a hotel, I am travelling alone and am having a drink in the hotel bar when a  very smartly dressed but very unhappy looking guy walks in.


He comes to the bar, stands next to me and orders a beer - I say: "Hi, what's up, worse things happen at sea you know". He turns and asks me if I want to hear about it - so I offer to go and sit at a quiet table.and we sit down.


He tells me that he got married earlier in the day and his wife is upstairs in tears and still wearing her wedding dress. It seems that thay had decided to "save themselves" and were both still virgins - and he got so excited that he came while his cock was still in his trousers and now he couldn't get it up again! She had told him that tonight was her wedding night and she wanted the fucking she was entitled to so, if he couldn't, he had better find someone who could....


Of course, I volunteered my services and he said "let's go up to the room and see what she says". So off we went, He opened the door and called "Hi darling, I have found someone happy to help, are you still interested?" and she told him to come on in. She had dried her eyes and was sitting on the edge of the bed - still, as he had said, in the wedding dress. She asked me " can you get hard? Are you already hard?" and I told yes that the answer was yes to both and offered to show her. She nodded and so I dropped my tousers and showed her my rock hard tool. Then came the first signs of a smile, "that will do nicely" she said - so I said "Just like American Express" and closed the room door.


First of all I fucked her in her dress, mish - we made him watch from the corner, she came hard, her pussy pulsing on my cock. Then I stripped her, licked her till she came again and then did her doggie. In the morning (he slept on the floor) I put her ankles over my shoulders and made him hold her open with one hand and aim my cock  with the other. Afterwards I asked him "Do you think you have the idea now?". He was very shamefaced but nodded and she told him that she would like him to fuck her now - "But you'll never be the first man inside me - and we will be doing this again".


I left them to it and went for a good, hearty breakfast.


This one really happened (except they were not really newly wed!) and it was great fun - and we did meet again too.


Anyone want this kind of fun?

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Cuckold Tests

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Post your first draft here and we can tweak it with, maybe, contributions from others too!

Could not put up a draft but how about a plot?


You & I arrange for you to come visit us for vacation and maybe seduce my wife. I introduce you to her as an old friend I knew from teenage in UK visiting. I insist we arrange our vacation with yours since you are traveling alone and don't like that idea much

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Come on guys - are there no roleplaying couples here? I am quite happy to write up a scenario just for you and then to help you enact it.....  All I ask is that you be based somewhere in the area between Sussex and Coventry or Sussex to Cambridge and that you can be available during the week - that's a lot of area... Oh, and that the hotwife is attractive! :)

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hello Mr Oldercock, i'd love to role play some scenes, I like the thought of introducing my wife to an older strong Man, knowing you'll seduce her, knowing i will do what i can to help You, encouraging my wife to enjoy Your attention. Could be at a hotel, i've taken her for a romantic/dirty weekend to celebrate our anniversary? 

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