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On 11/18/2015 at 2:07 PM, Nascarsam620 said:

Who wants to fuck my wife and make me watch? She needs cum on her tits for me to clean up!!!

Nascarsam620....I like how you think! Great cuck thoughts!

We have chatted in the past about kinky cuck wishes....and about your wife being a naughty slutwife for me. We never were able to work things out to make it happen.

Really like your simple...but hot and kinky idea...that you are proposing here.

Would love to fuck your wife and have you watch! And her tits are great, would love to see my cum all over them. But...maybe one additional detail about cumming on her tits. Rather that shooting off on her nice tits...I would prefer to fuck her mouth and cum on her face and in her mouth. She could then let the cum drip off of her face and onto her tits...and the cum in her mouth, she could let that dribble out onto her tits, rather than her swallowing it! Sound good?

Here are a couple of pics you shared with me previously...pics that show that your wife has some nice...full....round...mature...TITS!


Like how you think, nascarsam...like your kinky idea...love your wife and her very nice tits...and have to admit you have me thinking about how fun it would be to see my cum dripping off her chin onto those nice tits!









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Nascarsam620....ahhh, what the hell...might as well show 'em off. 

Looks like your wife enjoys flashing her tits....and that it makes her feel hot, sexy, and maybe even a little slutty!

Also....if those nice tits were splattered with a bull's cum...this is how she would look to you...offering her cum-covered tits to you for you to clean!

Sound good,  cuck? You would do a thorough job of cleaning them, wouldn't you?




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