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Shaving Duties


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I am my girlfriends pussy barber whenever she is getting a bit hairy down there and requests a trim.

It's something I love doing for her, paying attention to that beautifully juicy pink pussy while she lies there with her legs open.

I've just done it for her this morning as you can see from the before and after shots. And even though I wasn't allowed to fuck her she did let me get my tongue in there and lick it :) .

Does anyone else provide the same service for their wife or girlfriend ?



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Pity you don't have bulls joining for real but what you're doing is a start. Google the cuckold life style and see if you can move toward the real thing. For your wife to truly cuckold you, she must have total control of your orgasms. A man thinks with his "little head" so, as long as you can only cum with her permission, you will obey, cherish, worship and love, in the constant hope that you will be un caged. As long as you can cum when you want to, you will never truly submit and dedicate yourself to being your hotwifes cuckolded.

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Women are best when they are being cruel to their cuckold husband - I suggested to my wife that I trimmed and shaved my wife when she was active with our best friend, I too wanted the humiliation of knowing that I would be handling and preparing her pussy for his pleasure.  Sadly she would not let me do it.

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