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  1. That works for me - having the woman punish me before having her lover fuck her.

    I would love my wife to smack me, cane me, and/or tie me up for just wanting her to have someone else - and then for her to have him, either right in front of me or with me tied up outside the bedroom door where I can hear but not see what they are doing together.

    1. onmyknees


      She once punished me for a sexual misdemeanour (caught me sucking another guy off) by tying me to a chair and making me watch while she masturbated with her Rabbit. Raped my face with it afterwards... not sure it had the intended effect! 

    2. UK_EX


      Oh you naughty boy - you needed punishing and having her using her Rabbit on herself should teach you a lesson - not sure what lesson though ;).