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  1. The world is so caught up in assuring racial equality now, how could it be wrong for our white wives to become black baby factories?
  2. Sheer blouse over a half-cup bra that shows off her nipples and a short skirt with sexxy or crotchless panties...?
  3. I'm sure one of the "humiliation highlights" of being cucked was when the biological daddy of my wife's baby was in the hospital waiting room while she was in labor with HIS child. She texted him when her water broke. He already knew which hospital and waited for me to come down after she delivered his son and give him the good news. I tried to be discreet but several others seated right next to us overheard me as I was forced to congratulate him.
  4. After several years of wearing panties or lingerie, after prolonged edging I too cum while remaining completely limp. In fact I'm so conditioned now that its verrrry seldom I can even achieve any sort of erection at all.
  5. Unless we see her face, how could we know for certain? Show more of her!
  6. Before my wife Jen and I started dating, I had fixed her up with a blind date with Craig, a buddy of mine from school, at the request of my then-girlfriend Kathy. Things didn't work out for Kathy and me, so I started dating Jen, and we eventually got married. Craig and I had kept in touch, and I kind of enjoyed "sharing" some more personal pix of Jen with him from time to time. She was totally uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of this of course. Jen and I had a son by now, and I started inviting Craig over to watch a game on TV. I'd settle myself in the recliner straight away, which left Jen and Craig sitti
  7. I appreciate the compliments and comments regarding my wife's choice of work clothes. Here are a few more to perhaps encourage more replies...?
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