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  1. I'm sure one of the "humiliation highlights" of being cucked was when the biological daddy of my wife's baby was in the hospital waiting room while she was in labor with HIS child. She texted him when her water broke. He already knew which hospital and waited for me to come down after she delivered his son and give him the good news. I tried to be discreet but several others seated right next to us overheard me as I was forced to congratulate him.
  2. After several years of wearing panties or lingerie, after prolonged edging I too cum while remaining completely limp. In fact I'm so conditioned now that its verrrry seldom I can even achieve any sort of erection at all.
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    Unless we see her face, how could we know for certain? Show more of her!
  4. Before my wife Jen and I started dating, I had fixed her up with a blind date with Craig, a buddy of mine from school, at the request of my then-girlfriend Kathy. Things didn't work out for Kathy and me, so I started dating Jen, and we eventually got married. Craig and I had kept in touch, and I kind of enjoyed "sharing" some more personal pix of Jen with him from time to time. She was totally uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu of this of course. Jen and I had a son by now, and I started inviting Craig over to watch a game on TV. I'd settle myself in the recliner straight away, which left Jen and Craig sitting together on the small couch. I also started sharing more "intimate" pix of Jen with Craig. When she wandered through the living room on her way to the kitchen in her robe one evening I knew she was feeling comfortable enough with Craig around to ramp,things up. He invited me to go with him on a Friday nite to a bachelor party for a guy he worked with. It wasn't all that "inspiring", no strippers, just porn on a TV, open bar and guys playing poker. I'd brought along another handful of Jen's pix in bra/panties/stockings and less to share with Craig, and they got passed around the card table as well. By the time the party was winding down we'd had a few beers and were feeling pretty I invited Craig back to the house. Jen had fallen asleep on the couch, wearing a cute little baby-doll nightie, as she anticipated I might be horny after the bachelor party. When I woke her up she was embarrassed to see Craig there as well, checking her out in her little nightie. Now or never.... I suggested/coaxed/pleaded with Jen to let Craig come into the bedroom with us. At first she was against it, but eventually she gave in and we all three headed for bed! Craig was peeling off his clothes as we walked down the hall, and by the time Jen climbed into bed he was already naked, and hard, and bigger than me! We kept the overhead lights off, but I turned on a dim bedside lamp so we wouldn't be totally in the dark. I expected some kissing and groping awkwardness between them, but by the time I got out of my clothes...he had her panties off and was between her legs already thrusting into her cunt. She must have been damn wet, as he entered her sooooo quickly and easily it kind of stunned me. I was surprised at her excitement too, as she was already moaning and panting like she does when she'd gonna cum. I was hard as well...unable to keep from staring at my buddy's cock sliding in and out of my own wife's cunt. I tried to massage her tits, to get myself involves somehow as other than just a spectator when I suddenly realized she hadn't fetched her diaphragm from the bathroom. I hoped maybe she'd already put it in earlier, but realized I'd best go check before things went "too far". I eased out of bed and into our bathroom, opened the drawer...and there it was, still in its clam-shell case. Shit! He was fucking her bareback!! I headed back into the bedroom, wondering HOW to interrupt things so she could insert the diaphragm when I heard it....both of them groaning. SHIT! He was gonna cum in my wife's unprotected pussy...and she was letting him!! I paused for a second, aware of my own dick dripping, and that was a second too long as he exploded inside her. In the dim light I could see her moving with him, her legs wrapped around him, holding him inside her! Damn!! Thats when i lost load spilling out onto the carpet. Not only had my buddy just dumped his load up my wife's twat, but I'd wasted my own load on the floor!! Humiliating!!! And even worse...he didn't even go completely limp..just paused to catch his breath and started pumping into her again!!! I climbed back into bed next to them, praying my own cock would get stiff enough to at least have a turn in my own wife. It wasn't cooperating, so I desperately started tried to stroke some life back into it. i was making some progress when Craig grunted, Jen groaned, and he emptied a second load up her ripe baby-maker. Oh my god... I lost it again...this time puddling on the sheets!! It was late, so Craig was invited to bed down overnite on our couch. I woke about 4 am, no Jen next to me. I crept down the hall toward the living room, and in the dim lite from the front window I could see her riding him cow-girl style to another muffled orgasm. Back in our bedroom, I spied her diaphragm still in its case. Jen made breakfast in the morning and our son was pleased to see "Uncle" Craig on a Saturday morning. A month later she told me she was pregnant. We both knew who the daddy was. During the next 8 months she visited Craig at his house at least once a week. Now it was him who started sharing pix of my wife...with me!! She also let me know that he was sharing her with his younger brother....but what was I going to say? It had all been my idea.....
  5. I appreciate the compliments and comments regarding my wife's choice of work clothes. Here are a few more to perhaps encourage more replies...?