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  1. Waxed smooth - just as I have to do 😊
  2. I have to visit a Mistress as my wife is totally against it. The Mistress is lovely, very kind but also knows exactly how to treat me. The usual process is a humiliating inspection, lots of tongue worship followed by sucking practice on her strap on. She usually then fucks my arse before bringing in her stud so I can suck the real thing! If I’m lucky, he’ll get nice and hard in my mouth before fucking her and filling her with cum - then I get to lick and suck both of them clean.
  3. Exactly this - I love the humiliation - I’ve yet to swallow a load as my skills are obviously not good enough but I do eat my own when I’m allowed to cum.
  4. My first relationship lasted ten years and I was the dom. I would whip, spank and torture her and particularly enjoyed sexually humiliating her. After eight years we had a little “break” and she went abroad and ended up getting fucked by a guy who she sort of developed a relationship with. When she came back I remember being very jealous but trying to get back with her. She eventually agreed but only on the condition she could see him one last time. I reluctantly agreed so off she went and of course had a good week of getting fucked (he was well hung). When she came back she tried to keep her distance from me but I was really jealous and kept hounding her. One evening we were laying on her bed and I begged her to let me just lick her nipples. She agreed and after a while got very turned on and said I could fuck her if I treated her like a whore - this I did very happily and we continued in that vein for the next few weeks. Then we had a threesome with a friend who, we discovered, was very well endowed. I really enjoyed watching her getting stretched by his cock but still considered I was dom as I “allowed” her be fucked. This lasted for a few months then just came to a natural end. A few months after this I met another girl and finished with her. looking back I now realise this was my first cuck experience, even though I didn’t realise it at the time, and was when the cuck seed was sown. To be continued...
  5. I haven’t been able to get a wax so have to shave - that’s a pain.
  6. I love to clean out my Mistress after she’s been filled with her studs cum ❤️❤️
  7. Don’t know who to be more jealous of - you or him!! 😄
  8. Same as before - zero 😢
  9. There but didn’t watch?!
  10. Was hoping this thread would run a lot longer than this!
  11. Sadly not physically but my wife is very aware of my desire to be one.
  12. Did you have to watch? If so, how did you feel?