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  1. Love this - I’d give anything to be a human mattress watching my wife getting taken.
  2. I would be very happy to lick cum from that beautiful pussy (she wouldn’t be interested in my cock).
  3. This - absolutely this - her happiness is paramount. I would clean any amount of cum out of her and suck cock all day if it pleases her ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  4. Pubic hair is number one hate for me too. Only ever allowed to use my tongue now - happily my wife waxes everything off, as do I.
  5. I love the fantasy because of the short and long term utter humiliation but I couldn’t afford the reality!
  6. Amazing videos, thankyou 😊👍👍
  7. I love being humiliated but I expect to see my wife being treated with affection and respect otherwise it stops. That does not preclude her getting a good hard fucking 😊
  8. The best humiliation is actually done firmly but kindly - makes me melt anyway 😊
  9. You’re not weird. You’re lucky- she’s either being kind and feeding your fantasy or she really is trying it - either way you both win. Just follow the excellent advice above and good luck 😊
  10. Excellent humiliation. I also love this but sadly it’s self humiliation as my wife isn’t that into it atm.
  11. Subhub


    What has made you lean this way?
  12. Subhub


    Not as yet - I’ve not cum since mid June and I’m loving the denial (hating it as well 😂). The few times my wife has allowed me inside her I have to pull out before I cum - she has had a lovely orgasm playing with her clit each time. This is hot! She has also developed a taste for fitting me with a penis gag/dildo combo and riding my face to orgasm - no release for me and such an incredible tease watching her smooth pussy get wetter and wetter, smearing her juices the full length of the dildo. She loves that my mouth is full of cock. I am kept waxed (feminised) and often wear a cage and a fat plug. We have just bought a cock sheath which adds girth AND length to mine. I’m hoping she’ll grow to prefer it so I’ll have the torture of penetrating her but not feeling a thing! I think that having the “snip” probably wouldn’t have led to this experimentation so I’m going to hold off for a while 😊
  13. I’m kept completely waxed permanently. It’s a million times better than shaving!