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  1. A text message I received from her lover

    For all you know, these three had already agreed to go down the humiliation route and this was part of the role play. The respect is still there, they’re just having fun.
  2. Phat ass

    Lovely - I hope she got a good fucking right after this picture was taken!
  3. Coping with rejection and denial

    Actually I do derive great pleasure from being denied. The biggest pleasure for me, however, would be derived from knowing she is loving it too. She is a naturally dominant person but not so much sexually. I have always been extremely dominant in and out of bed but have chosen to take this path because I thought she would prefer it - maybe I'm wrong...
  4. Coping with rejection and denial

    You may be right but does that mean we should stop trying? There could be other issues involved, a lack of confidence on her part as an example. Things like this are never simple.
  5. Coping with rejection and denial

    I'm positive.
  6. Get stuck in like a good boy 😊
  7. Coping with rejection and denial

    I could not agree more and have actually told her exactly that. We do talk but I get the impression she's just going along with it for my sake :-(
  8. Coping with rejection and denial

    Thanks Enigma I'd appreciate that. I would hate for our marriage to fail over this but it won't survive as a vanilla relationship either and I have ZERO interest in finding another partner.
  9. Just wondering how cucks deal with rejection and denial without it affecting their moods and everyday life? I haven't been allowed sex for many months now but I have a very high sex drive. When possible I am caged and often plugged but my work and lifestyle mean it's not practical to remain so permanently. I am also banned from any type of orgasm without express permission which is rarely given. I broke these rules three times recently and am due 18 strokes of the cane as a result. What's really bothering me is that, because of the above, I become tense and irritable with my wife and we often argue about everyday stuff, which then breaks down the cuck/Dom relationship in my mind. This is also a shame and makes my situation even harder to deal with. My wife, whilst playing along with the "theme" actually just doesn't want sex with me, nor is she interested in others - for now anyway. If I could just find a way to cope with the frustration....
  10. Ouch

    Another caning - this time after being waxed, caged and fitted with a new, much bigger prostate massager.
  11. Shaving the cuckold

    Freshly waxed for my wife ❤️❤️
  12. Picture sent by my wife

    Outstanding - bet you wish you'd been there to lick it all up!
  13. Shaving the cuckold

    All the time UK-EX - it's delightful. You really feel your cock swelling up and pressing inside the cage before the mental torture sets in. It really enhances that submissive state and does indeed serve to feminise as well.
  14. Voting

    Are they all actual hot wives?
  15. Anyone Spanked?

    Caned by my wife for being too hairy - I'm waxed now. This hurt but was so hot.... First one is after five minutes, second one was straight after.