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  1. There but didn’t watch?!
  2. Was hoping this thread would run a lot longer than this!
  3. Sadly not physically but my wife is very aware of my desire to be one.
  4. Did you have to watch? If so, how did you feel?
  5. Was your cuck watching? Did he help in any way? I hope you insisted he did 😊
  6. Gentle rejection and zero acknowledgment - does it get any hotter?!!
  7. Love that you’re being dominated so young - she’s cute, definitely will get a lot of cock but not that interested in yours apparently 😂 You think she’ll let you watch?!
  8. I’d love to but the best I can hope for is to lick it all up.
  9. Ahh that’s nice she keeps you waxed - it enhances the humiliation. I hope you thanked her for exposing you to others. I am also waxed. Caged when the mood takes her. I wear a reasonably large butt plug whenever I can but that’s my choice as I like something up my arse. Otherwise I’m just ignored completely when it comes to sexual matters. Now that’s really humiliating.
  10. It happened to me a long time ago. I couldn’t figure out why I got hard when she eventually told me - it was only a few years ago I realised it’s because I’m a cuck. We got back together then she ended up fucking my friend in front of me - I still count it as my best sexual experience ever. Although I took part, his cock was much bigger than mine and she clearly enjoyed him inside her more.
  11. I think she did fuck him and that’s why she’s uncomfortable about answering intimate questions - it’s too close to the truth.
  12. I would let it play out for a bit. You want this to happen anyway and at the moment she’s comfortable and is just doing something to rebuild her confidence (not that she needs to, she looks great). Maybe just keep reminding her you love the idea of KNOWING she’s being naughty and that you wouldn’t interfere.