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  1. Love the way he had absolute control of her
  2. Subhub


    What has made you lean this way?
  3. Subhub


    Not as yet - I’ve not cum since mid June and I’m loving the denial (hating it as well 😂). The few times my wife has allowed me inside her I have to pull out before I cum - she has had a lovely orgasm playing with her clit each time. This is hot! She has also developed a taste for fitting me with a penis gag/dildo combo and riding my face to orgasm - no release for me and such an incredible tease watching her smooth pussy get wetter and wetter, smearing her juices the full length of the dildo. She loves that my mouth is full of cock. I am kept waxed (feminised) and often wear a cage and a fat plug. We have just bought a cock sheath which adds girth AND length to mine. I’m hoping she’ll grow to prefer it so I’ll have the torture of penetrating her but not feeling a thing! I think that having the “snip” probably wouldn’t have led to this experimentation so I’m going to hold off for a while 😊
  4. Subhub

    Shaved cucks

    I’m kept completely waxed permanently. It’s a million times better than shaving!
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  6. Subhub

    Found condoms in wife's purse

    Time to have that conversation with her - you know, the one where you let her know you’re beta and she should find an alpha 😊
  7. niec

    1. Subhub


      Saw something you like? 😊

  8. So jealous! I’d love for this to happen to me. Not being allowed to be present is cruel but also something a cuck must accept if deemed so by their partner.
  9. Subhub

    My wife sends these to online friend

    So nice to be tortured like that
  10. Subhub


    Copy and paste Dom! 😊
  11. Subhub

    Morning torture

    Balls squashed because cock ring has slid up the shaft due to attempted early morning erection, cage full of swollen throbbing cock - the agony of waking up in the morning denied and locked.
  12. Subhub

    Fastest you have cum during sex

    Three or four strokes I think - now not allowed to cum inside her at all.
  13. Subhub


    Yes I agree I think - higher risk but that adds to it in a way. When we first got together I always used the pull out technique - we did it the other night and it was awesome!
  14. Subhub

    Cucks, show off your cages

    Was thinking the same - very girlie! You really expect to see a slit beneath it. I still prefer the humiliation of being completely waxed personally but that does look good.
  15. Subhub

    A Question for Cucks

    Shared my girlfriend with a friend many years ago - LOVED watching her getting fucked by his big cock. I think if it happens with my wife I’d like to be there for her safety and our mutual enjoyment.