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  1. I love sucking cock, black, white, it doesn't matter. If she tells me to suck it, I do
  2. I had a vasectomy before I met my wife so when we decided to have a baby we bred her. It took a few tries but we're close to having it.
  3. How lucky are you guys and your relationship.  A cuckold marriage is the perfect marriage. 

  4. HotwifeandCucky

    Cucky caged...

    Cuck wearing his cage 24/7...
  5. HotwifeandCucky

    Wife's Bull...

    My wife fucked by her black bull...
  6. HotwifeandCucky


    My wife barebacked...
  7. We are a bareback couple only. My wife insists I suck his cum from her pussy or ass or have him fuck me bareback.
  8. We have taken it very far. Between the hormones I'm on and 24/7 chastity I am the complete cuckold. It did take some adjusting to but I'm happy knowing she is free to be as active as she wishes to be. I serve mainly as her driver, chaperone, fluffer, cleaner, and someone to service her dates.
  9. I'm Bi, my wife knows and forces it on me. I fluff, suck, swallow, clean and her men do fuck me.
  10. Excellent Miss Monica... So hot!  :D

  11. I've always wondered what it would be like to have a normal sized cock, but it is what it is and I'm resigned to the fact I will always be tiny...
  12. I am bi and my wife knows and insists I suck cock and take cocks in my ass. I've been sucking cock since I was 14 and I'm told I'm very good at it...