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  1. m4ik

    Who likes sexy underwear

    I like it
  2. m4ik

    Cuckolds vs Bulls In Briefs

  3. m4ik

    I Just Want Others To See My Wife

    my wife before the wedding traveled alone to rest in Egypt, where she was accompanied by an Arab guide and he was everywhere with her when I asked her, she fucked you with it, she said that no, he really wanted to, but she refused him. Only on the last day of vacation, he went to her room, she drank, got naked in front of him and gave him a Blowjob, but the sex is not reached. How do you think she cheated on me? Photo from that trip.
  4. m4ik

    Verify Yourself And Get Vip Membership

    Please verify!
  5. m4ik

    I Just Want Others To See My Wife

    also wedding
  6. m4ik

    I Just Want Others To See My Wife

    This is a photo from our wedding and in the shower.If you like, you can write. I will be glad to communicate.
  7. m4ik

    I Just Want Others To See My Wife

    Я рада, что вам понравилось!
  8. m4ik

    I Just Want Others To See My Wife

    Her tits and pussy.
  9. m4ik

    I Just Want Others To See My Wife

    I have the same thing, I love to imagine fucking her. She is 30 years old, big Tits and nice ass.
  10. m4ik

    Fantasize about wife being taken

    Good fantasy, they are pleasant to me! I like when my wife want others, especially when she's on vacation in tropical countries. She never wears underwear and loves short skirts, you can see her big Tits and pussy. It is very arousing for me! I like to post photos of his wife and watch her discuss other, as if its fucked.
  11. m4ik

    Who Is Gay And Has Wife

    good idea, I like it!
  12. m4ik

    Who Is Gay And Has Wife

    My wife and I were in Pattaya in November 2014, it was cool! We often went to Walking street, there is a lot of all interesting! On the last day we went to the bar and pretty drunk. My wife was without underwear and when she sat, could see her pussy and I liked how it looked. We met with representatives of 2 older German men, together we continued to drink and when I came back from the toilet, I saw them touching her for pussy and Tits, I liked it a lot and I pretended that I didn't see. Later, when I went out with one of them in the toilet, he said that my wife liked how they touched her and she liked to stroke their cocks and asked me to go to the hotel to continue and showed his big cock and said that my wife and i would be a good whore for them and offered me his dick. I was very excited, but to go we couldn't because of the flight, which was supposed to be morning already. This year we really want to go to Pattaya to continue!
  13. m4ik

    Leave Your Yahoo . . .

    [email protected] I will communicate to an adult bull, about my wife, is better more senior 50.