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    Fantasize about my Asian wife being used...

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  1. hello I sure would like to chat about our Asian wives


  2. Hi how are you doing? I am glad you sent message.  Let me know what you are looking for.



    1. filipinaginajones


      Hi Dan 

      I am fine , I am happy with my Husband John a cuckold he and I chose  this lifestyle after a year of marriage , he wanted me in hot sex with other men but so did I . It has been 15 years now cuckolding him with other men as he watches and fulfills his and mine lifestyle .  We both get extremely excited when the new Bull arrives and takes over he and I like young men black latin all men . The attitudes , lust , hard cocks all sizes and shapes , their excitement , the cumshots are much better than Johns are . I love shooting thick sperm and johns does not do that as he is 28 years older than I . The amounts of sperm is important to me as well as cumming on those cocks of theirs . I hope I have answered your question of what I want ?  Wishing you and Wife Happy Holidays ,,,,,, Gina and John Jones



  3. I can imagine you breaking her to satisfy your needs...
  4. We need to chat about our wives and get off together ....eating and fucking each others wives...no limits

  5. I like how you want to use my Asian wife...you would be the only other cock and mouth she had...

  6. Would love to see my Asian wife used with no limits.

  7. Your gf is hot I would pull her panties off and start eating her in front of you....making her beg me not to stop and she wanting to suck my fact cock....I would eat her until I broke her
  8. yes like guys to jack off about my Asian wife...hot knowing she excites them
  9. Hot my wife is Chinese....I wish I could find someone to fuck her good
  10. thanks of liking my wife in the chat

    greatings Jack

    1. supersport12001


      Yes she is hot....we are both lucky

  11. I also have an Asian wife. Ping me when you get chance.
  12. nice pic of your wife. What are you into?
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