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  1. Hi there Bull from New Delhi India invitesur wife

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  2. Thanks guys....She is always ready to show more when she gets horny....
  3. New thread started....keep the comments cumming guys.... http://cuckoldfart.com/topic/1459-my-indian-wife-2/
  4. Starting a new thread continuing the old one.... New lingerie to try out....so much fun... Comment our pics, tell us what are your thought about her, we love to hear your dirty minds....
  5. mmmm....sexy brownie skin...if you keen to trade some videos drop me a line!! here my wife .... http://cuckoldfart.com/topic/353-my-indian-wife/ cheers
  6. Perhaps one day.... Will let you know
  7. Here our new pics...new swimsuit to play with....
  8. Hi Guys thanks for yours hot comments...they make me so horny!! keep posting them!! love ChP
  9. Same here...love to watch her play like a slut for other guys....sexy doll you have there.
  10. A lil video taken with last pics just for you, guys! Such a horny day!! VIDEO mmmm...please enjoy as much as we did! and give us some dirty thoughts....we love it....
  11. Yes babe, I hope too....did we have good fun doing it again. ...
  12. hi im chocohubbys wife...thanks for your hot and horny comments, they make me so happy feel free to interact with us hope u ll like the new pics and vdo!! xoxox ChP
  13. very nice....would love to take pics of her all day
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