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    travel all over US, UK and Germany, greatedwin1 gmail com
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    Bull, love to please, discrete and play safe only. I will please her and she will keep coming for more. email me or PM to arrange it

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  1. Biged


    Very hot ass, love her black hair
  2. Biged

    Connection though this site

    Sounds like she is having lots of fun at these parties.
  3. Biged

    Connection though this site

    glad you got lucky after all. where about are you and what was that place that got you so much luck?
  4. Biged

    Connection though this site

    I agree, it has been disappointing on this site. I had a long talk with a lady and another cople here and they disappeared once we agreed on date and time to meet. got lots of hits on CL in the past. nothing since CL went down..
  5. Biged

    Connection though this site

    not much now, .. how about you, which site did you use or still using?
  6. I fucked lots of ladies with or without their hub in room. Did anyone on this site get a connection here? I travel all around and love to please. let me know your experience. Cheers
  7. how about fucking that hot wife of yours instead?
  8. Biged

    Kik. Code

  9. Biged

    My Middle-Eastern Wife

    Very hot, never had one from that region before. I bet she is a great fuck
  10. show us your wife and I can help
  11. I am sure she has a line up :) where about are you, the States?
  12. Biged

    any hotwife in Vegas?

    yes, contact me at greatedwin1 gmail com
  13. Biged

    My Middle-Eastern Wife

    what a hot pussy, where is she from? I mean which part of the ME?
  14. Biged

    any hotwife in Vegas?

    I will be in Vegas next week, any hotwife interested