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    travel all over US, UK and Germany, greatedwin1 gmail com
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    Bull, love to please, discrete and play safe only. I will please her and she will keep coming for more. email me or PM to arrange it

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  1. Biged

    BBC in Toledo

    any hot wife in Toledo area ? contact me if interested greatedwin1 gmail com justthink4 kik
  2. Biged

    My wife and me

    would love to help, contact me
  3. Biged

    My 47yo wife

    where r u from?
  4. will do her and train too contact me
  5. Biged

    Wife said she's to big

    where are you from? I would give it to her hard and deep
  6. Biged

    List Your Location

    Novi ,Michigan
  7. nice cock


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    4. Biged


      contact me at greatedwin1 gmail com.

      love to please her

  8. Biged

    Irish Bull wanted.

    in Dublin in December, drop me an email
  9. Biged

    Bbc In Toronto Ontario

    heading to Cambridge Ontario this week.. any interest? hey cucks do you like to treat her
  10. I would love to help, in Michigan you happen to come this way?
  11. Biged

    in Denver during August

    no one here from Denver , where are all the hot-wives in Co
  12. Biged

    in Denver during August

    hey Denver cucks, let us meet for lots of fun
  13. Biged

    in Denver during August

    will be in Denver for sometime in August if you want to please your hot wife contact me
  14. Biged

    real hock up

    have any one actually got a hock up from this site? if so, share your story