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  1. My wife what you think

    Splif... Your wife needs those pretty hangers spanked some. In fact why don't we have her sit on your face while she sucks some cock and gets her titties slapped around?
  2. My wife

    Very nice! Do you pimp her out, are you good cuck?
  3. Sick Of My Tiny Husband!

    Meg, are you going to go black?
  4. I am back! Can't wait to chat! <3

    Tell us of your adventures, darling! Does your man resign himself to cleanup duties? Do you make him suck Cock for you to get it hard...? Do tell!
  5. ncblondehotE

    What part of NC is she in? Know of any hotwife action near Wilmington? Thanks for posting!
  6. MWM with with wife that often plays but can't right now for medical concerns. I want a hotwife, shared wife kind of gurl. Hubby can be there, or not. He can be the clean up guy or no or whatever, or just sit in a chair and choke it. Please be clean, DDF and edible and fuckable. Would like to end up with good friends, a bareback loving slut and some fun times. Will provide email to responders and can trade pics. I am 55, attentive and naturally dominant without being a douche. Come to Daddy and let me kiss it and make it all better...
  7. Advice/Opinions On My GF!

    What General area are you located in? Are you interested in seeing her with other men? Would you like to actively participate in a cuckold relationship? Are you ready to help her achieve a DP or even a DVP? Find learning videos to make her squirt... The right techniques and toys can achieve that and she will be yours forever, lol.
  8. New here

    Very nice, love her ink! Show more pics of hers tats, that is red hot. So carl, are you ready to suck some Cock hard so they can enter your wife's cunt? You need to be there for her, man. And you can't let that baby butter longer in there and you can't leave her bull's Cock all gooey. You have before and after responsibilies, carl. Do you understand, for her pleasure, you are going to have suck a little cock, buddy. Now just kneel down and make sure I'm really hard for her, ok? Its ok to cry, carl...