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  1. My wife and I had top berths. The compartment was empty. We sat down. I said, “Are you really gonna remove that coat?” She said, “Wait and see.” After a couple of minutes a young guy came, around 20. He smiled at us and said, “I have the bottom berth, my name is Imran.” We both introduced ourselves. Then another guy entered, in his late 20s, he introduced himself as Rakesh. I noticed they were both well built and not bad looking. The train started on time, the TC came to check the tickets. We got down to having dinner and cracking jokes. Soon it was past 11 PM. Nisha said, “Guys, can one of you let me have the lower berth?” Imran immediately said, “Sure Nisha, you can have mine.” Nisha said, “Well guys, time to sleep for me, can we put the lights off, I need to change?” Rakesh put off the lights. I said, “It is too dark, there must be a night light.” Nisha said, “Aren’t you guys gonna change?” They both said yes and started stripping, both were just in shorts. I too stripped and got down to my shorts. The light was very very dim, but one could see. Nisha then removed her coat. Both guys stared at her. She said, “Jaan I want to piss, can you come?” Before I could answer, both said they too wanted to go and they can take her. So they left. In the light outside in the passage of the train, I knew they would have a clear look. I climbed up to my berth and pretended to sleep.
  2. A couple of years ago, my wife and I were travelling to Delhi. We boarded the Punjab Mail from Mumbai, at 7 PM. The train was scheduled to leave at 7.35 PM and arrive in Delhi at 9.25 PM, a journey of almost 26 hours We had booked a private compartment, with 4 berths in it. I had dared my wife to wear a very very low cut backless blouse and a see thru saree. To my surprise, she did. She wore a see thru red saree and a white blouse, extremely deep cut, her boobs almost spilling out, the back was just a thin string… and the best part is, the blouse was see thru too. I was shocked. She smiled at me and said, “Happy?” I nodded my head. I said what have you got under below? She lifted her saree. She had worn a half ghagra, about a foot above her knees, revealing her thighs and if she bent, I knew her ass would be @@@@@@@. And she had worn a thing black g string panty, barely covering her cunt. She turned round and showed me her string was buried in the crack of her ass. And the best part was, she had worn the saree, just above her cunt, her cunt is extremely hairy and some of her cunt hairs were clearly seen. To cover her top, she put on a long black coat and buttoned it. This was how it was when we entered the compartment of the train.
  3. Njoy, if you want dirty chat about her, give ur email id.
  4. Something on those lines did happen on a recent long distance train journey.
  5. Yea sure, make sure it's well fried though...she loves big fried fish!
  6. email par chat karna hai, toh email de do. sirf email hangout nahin.