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    Love mature slut wives who love to show off, ( she knows she is hot by the way she shows her fake tits, wants that male attention) stroking my hard cock to the dirty cock teaser...
  2. stevie_1056

    Lesbian lover not really cuckolding?

    2 weeks after we got back from our holidays my wife, me and our gay friend and her friend met up for a counter meal, we ended up playing the pokies and as I was buying the next round of drinks the gay friend came up to me and started chatting, she was bossy and quite bullish and she told me she knew how excited I was knowing that she fucked my wife. She then proceded to tell me that she was going to take her out next Saturday and I was to make sure she looked hot. I was scared in a nervous sort of way as here was a 25 year old telling a 45 year old husband that she was taking his wife to play with. Fucking loved it.... Saturday came around and the wife was excited as they were going to a couple of bars in the trendy part of Melbourne, I dont think she knew they would be gay bars but I was just as excited. I shaved her pussy leaving just the landing strip and made sure the bra and panties matched, she tried on a few tops but because the bra was a low type one you could see it, so after looking at her outfit I told her to try it with out the bra. She looked fantastic, her tits are 36dd and the right nipple is pierced, the tits are enhanced so there is no sag, they are sticking straight out with her big nipples and nipple ring prominant. Fuck, my cock was hard as I knew that she would be getting lots of attention. One of the arousing parts of me getting her ready was that we both knew what we were doing. When I shaved her pussy she was wet and she saw how hard my cock was, I really wanted to fuck her to give her gf my creampie, but that was not going to happen, after a bit of pleading and begging she let me blow over her tits and nipples while she played with her cunt. 8 pm came around and her friend arrived, the bitch just tooted the horn and didnt even come in, my night of cucking had commenced. A quick kiss goodby and enjoy yourself, and she was gone. Her tits and arse on display for some one else. I settled down with my babysitting job with the kids and when they asked where mom was I just said she was out having fun. I didnt hear anything from her so i went to bed at midnight, and I got a text at 2.00am saying she wasnt coming home as she was staying at her friends house. I just wanked off in our bed as I thought about what might be happening. I am up early the next morning, she still isnt home and I drop off the kids to their netball and football games. At 9.00am I hear a car on the gravel drive, its them.... I stay in the bedroom with my cock already half hard, then I hear the door slamand the car drive off. In walks my hot wife looking like she had just had a huge night out, the hairs messy and make up a bit blurred, I said how was it, she just pushes past me heading for the bedroom. she undresses as I stand at the door, the jeans come off and the top, no panties! "I am fucked" she tells me. i strip off and join her and she tells me to not even think about fucking her. I ask what happened and she goes through the bars, they went to, who they met, the dancing, the booze and the drugs, then she tells me that they got back to her place and she proceeded to get fucked with her dykes tongue and toys for the rest of the night. She told me the gf had got her to cum three times which is pretty good . As we chatted my wife was stroking my cock as I felt her tits and I asked about what my wife did. Just before they left to drop off my wie the gf straddled my wifes face, forcing her to tongue her cunt and arse equally being a squiter, she then cum all over my wifes face and tits, when they were getting dressed my wife want ed to wash her face but the gf said "no, take that home to your husband as a treat" so I then noticed the slightly crusty cum on her tits to which I licked and tasted the saltyness of my dyke dominant bulls cum. as you can imagine I blew my load on her tits instantly. I had now entered the world of being a cuckold submissive guy to some one who had just fucked my wife.
  3. stevie_1056

    Fantasy about my wife

    my ex wife (who i occassionally still fuck) just came back from a holiday in the sates, she never has had a black cock but I looked at her face book photos and there were a number of pictures of her with big young black men, she is a petitie white blonde girl with 36dd tits so the comparision was hot. she texts me and calls me to tell me how she masterbates to the fantasy of being fucked by 2 big black men, with both of them cumming in her bare back. my response was that I would watch and when she had finished I would fuck her full wet cunt and after cumming would clean up the mess.
  4. stevie_1056

    Lesbian lover not really cuckolding?

    lesbian sex for me is definatey cuckolding, my have a friend who is a lesbian and when we would go out drinking she would often flirtwith my wife, I loved it ( and I my wife was flattered) I would often buy the drinks and get my wife drunk to make it easier for our friend. the lesbian friend moved interstate and when we visited her on holdays we had a big drinking session, (during the day in the hot queensland sun) it was perfect, my hot wife was drunk, the friend was drunk and I was letting my wife become more vunerable, we ended up in the bar at Coolangatta and the friend leaned over to my drunk wife and said "I am going to fuck you tonight" to my wife in front of me. I was hard and excited as soon as I heard it. I suggested we head back to our room and even in the elevator she was whispering and touching my wife. once in the room my wife went into the bedroom and our friend told me to wait outside. she the disappeared into our bedroom, lots of giggling, I listened intently outside , slowly wanking my cock. the next thing was my wife came out naked and told me I could come in and watch them, one rule was I was not allowed to touch them. I sat back and watched my wife get totally licked out and listened to her cum to another woman, she then was forced to make the lesbian friend (who was quite dominant) cum by sucking on her clit, the big surprise was the friend was a squirter which made for some messy sex. I just watched and wanked the whole time. i will post the details of another hotsession where i was cuckolded by the friend and made to prepare my now slut wife for her.
  5. stevie_1056

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I was first introduced to sucking cock with a cuckold guy who asked if he could suck my cock, we shared his wife and as it was pretty full on so I let him, before I knew it we both ended up sucking each other in front of his wife. In between fucking her we would lick and clean her juices off each others cock, she loved it, he was a natural and I discovered my bi side and potentially cuck side.
  6. stevie_1056

    Sloppy Seconds

    I met a guy on a bi/gay site, initially we watched porn and he sucked my cock, he loved showing me his wifes pics as he watched and help me get off to her. After about four wank and suck sessions he asked how much would I like to join him in fucking her. I jumped at the opportunity and he said the only condition is that we fucked bareback. In hindsight it was interesting how he groomed me to fuck his gf . I will add the remaining story tomorrow
  7. stevie_1056

    sloppy seconds

    to be honest, once the head of my cock slips past the slippery entrance to her cum filled cunt I blow my load, just the knowing and that wetness sends me off, But I do get hard again in under 5 minutes as I am still so horny as she describes to m what they did together.