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  1. Andy17


    Can any body do some fakes of my slut wife please! Inbox me and i will send some pics
  2. Andy17

    Fake my wife

    Can some one do me a few fakes on my wife i want a few different pics including sone with my wife and some of her friends! If u can help email me at [email protected] thanks
  3. Andy17

    Making captions

    Caption her please
  4. Andy17

    Fake my wife

    Can people please do some humiliating fakes of my wife please
  5. Andy17

    Making captions

    Caption my wife please
  6. Andy17

    Caption my wife

    Caption my wife please i love the thought of her taking loads of bbc all at once
  7. Andy17

    Fantasy about my wife

    Hi. Ive had this fantasy for a few years now, would love to speak to her about it but i dont think it would go down very well. So i would love for the wife to go out on a night out meet a stunning 6ft black man, get talking to him have a few drinks a dance and some horny flirting! Then he suggests going back the her place... she agrees but suggests he brings a friend along. So they all get home have few drinks and laughs downstairs while im in bed. She comes upstairs and wakes me tell me to come downstairs, she has a suprise! I get down there and she starts to undress. Gets on her knees and starts sucking. Things start gettin abit rough and i dont like it, she ties me down and says they can be as rough as they like with me. She goes back and starts sucking again, then she gets fucked from behind while sucking a cock on top of me lay on the floor. She then makes me suck 1 cock while playing with the other balls while she is loving every minute!!!!!!!! If ud like to talk more this is my skype cid-(6513404689229607165)