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  1. Hi there UK_EX... I'm here in North Carolina in the US. You still up for exposing me?
  2. Hello, I'd like to be publicly @@@@@@@ as a real life cuckold on websites all over the net. Can the folks here help make that happen? I can post my name and photos for all to take and spread. I want to wonder who will find out about me who knows me...
  3. Well, I was absolutely mortified at first, but now that all of the women at her office know, I just accept it. My wife's bull even calls her at the office, and if one of the other women happen to pick it up, they call out to my wife, "your boyfriend is on the other line."! They have told her that they're jealous that she gets to have a husband AND a boyfriend(s).
  4. This is me, publicly @@@@@@@ nude and as a cuckold by marketing coworkers at Coca-Cola
  5. My wife works in a real estate office with all women, and all of them know she cucks me. they are all jealous of her and they smile and smirk whenever I have to visit her office .