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  1. Shannon

    Friday night

    I wish I could talk her into it
  2. Shannon

    Cucks, show off your cages

    My little balls n clit are so small my cage keeps falling off😂😂
  3. Shannon

    How many cucks out there love sucking cocks?

    I’d be honored to suck your cock💋💋
  4. Shannon

    List Your Location

    Cottage grove Minnesota
  5. Shannon

    List Your Location

    Cottage grove Minnesota
  6. I would love to see my wife fuck another real man but she just doesn’t seem lnterested at all, she does how ever let me dress girly witch I do love, my favorite is dressing up and sucking cock witch she doesn’t know about!!! I would love to combine both, any suggestions 👗👗

    1. ozzie


      If it was me, I would wait till she is sucking my cock and then ask. "do you like that" After she answered I would say, maybe I should try it. See what she says. If she says you should then ask who she thinks you should try it on. If she suggests a friend then you can work around to him playing with the both of you. If she suggests someone then you can bet she has thought about playing with him.

      If it is a guy you know and you think he would be interested then you make a few hints and see how it evolves. Once a guy knows that you like the idea of your wife having a MFM then they usually start to flirt.

      After that is can be a bit of chatting over a drink to sus out what his preferences are.

      I have found a guy with a stiff dick will do many things in a MFM situation that they would not admit to  anyone else.

      I have rubbed other guys dicks up and down my wifes pussy  and then pushed them in, they never complain. Had them do it to me on their wife too. never had a complaint about licking my wife or theirs while they fuck and that always leads to some cock licking and cum eating. Never a complaint when stroking them into my wifes mouth or on her tits, nor joining in as she sucks them.

      As I say if your wife sucks you start talking about it with her.

    2. Shannon


      Thanks, I’ll have to give it a try💋💋