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    Since you wont talk to me I decided to here. This happened because: The years of mental, emotional and financial abuse The way you treat my adopted transgender stepson I must admit I was surprised she cut the head of your thing. didn't want that. oh well....lol ...and more.
  3. jwontheriver


    cuck was castrated...surgeon friend to send pics....
  4. jwontheriver


    new on here but I have known about this forum. Looking around...
  5. jwontheriver


    im on here now. call me cherrycindy.
  6. jwontheriver


    so this is what he does when Im at work all day? On this site. I let him out for aliitle while. not for long. Im a senior vp -dont need this bs. he is locked because of what he did. Take a vote: castrate? my friend who is a surgeon says she would do it. shaved him too.
  7. jwontheriver


    I would settle for a blowjob at this point. Thats not the worst of it...she is totally feminizing her 18 year old step kid. I dont say anything-she has the money-but the kid is a walking pharmacy. Mentally I think "zander" as she calls him is more like 12. Her bull wants me castrated. or so she says.
  8. jwontheriver


    its a payback for banging some slut i met years ago.
  9. jwontheriver


    Damn. How do you guys do this? What started out as just a playtime thing has gone into me wearing this for a month straight. Not my choice. I have big balls so this hurts.
  10. jwontheriver

    Cucks, show off your cages

    wish I had the key
  11. jwontheriver


    going on 30 days now...why is the wife doing this?? my balls are about to explode...help!!!
  12. jwontheriver

    Cucks, show off your cages

  13. jwontheriver

    Cucks...check In

    I could allow a mexican young stud to bang the wife, but thats it.
  14. jwontheriver

    cock ring

    wife bought a cock ring for me. 2 questions: does it work? How do you put the dam thing on?
  15. jwontheriver

    Cucks, show off your cages