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  1. looking for new wife with boat. Send picture of boat...
  2. I apologize it took so long to respond. Short story is: Last winter I came down with pneumonia and landed in the hospital. Ex had medical power of attorney and her and a doctor friend conned me into signing off on the surgery. Was told it was a accident to go that far. I sued and won.
  3. Trying to get back into it again. Been a long road.....Im better now but now that I have been "cut" it will be not easy to find someone. The ex wife doctor did this to me. I sued and won. Kicked her out and everyone else involved. Starting over.
  4. Notice: JW here. I filed for divorce. kicked her and her "friends" out. Sorry about these stupid post she made on here.
  5. I forgot..heres the other pic i took without the ring...
  6. bought a cute outfit today+
  7. Doctor said she can do this for you...but it will cost $$....
  8. This thing made me feel like a glazed donut..
  9. wear these around the house now.
  10. hi neighbor...cindy took the pic...thanks...Todd...
  11. cindy wants you to shave...lol
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