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  1. Notice: JW here. I filed for divorce. kicked her and her "friends" out. Sorry about these stupid post she made on here.
  2. I forgot..heres the other pic i took without the ring...
  3. bought a cute outfit today+
  4. Doctor said she can do this for you...but it will cost $$....
  5. This thing made me feel like a glazed donut..
  6. wear these around the house now.
  7. hi neighbor...cindy took the pic...thanks...Todd...
  8. cindy wants you to shave...lol
  9. just had to post this. when you went to the doctor yesterday for your follow up that todd kid stopped by. man did he drain his balls in cindy. it was unreal. being 19 dont hurt. think she's too old to get pregnant. i hope. wow.
  10. hey cuck...sorry....hey old man....cindy tells me this is the way to talk with you here. lol... took a pic of us shooting pool....last night. abe and todd showed up. i saw the pics...crazy. told them im cool with it...
  11. i think his other friend knows....
  12. This what the neighbor sent me on my phone. I told him I would talk to him when you got out of the hospital.