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  1. She loves to have her nipples sucked .... very hard!
  2. Last time I was in this great city was with the lads ... much beer was consumed! This time however it will be with my Mrs and I would like to take her somewhere, a bar or a club, where a hot wife can be appreciated. Looking for suggestions ...... Many thanks, JS
  3. I think it would be better with my cock in you.

  4. Cuckold wannabe .... with a hot wife. Back on yahoo as jetset17
  5. Holiday Ass .... ripe and ready
  6. My wife has just booked a weekend city break in Rome. We've never been before .... any of you guys know of good bars or clubs where I should take a HW? Thanks, JS
  7. It was going to be in a couple of weeks, however we've gone and booked a holiday now so it'll have to be after that. Maybe a week away at a nice hotel in Turkey will produce something good? Sea, sand and .... well you know!
  8. Thanks guys for your advice. I will put myself 'on call' for work when he comes to stay. Gives me the option to be in or out.
  9. UPDATE. Life has been busy recently however on Friday, Peter came over to see our new bathroom. My wife took him upstairs to show him around and they were up there, alone, for nearly 20 mins. As you can imagine my mind was going mad with ideas of what they could be getting up to!!! Let me confirm nothing did happen but they had an interesting conversation on how the new shower is big enough for two. And when he left I saw them embrace. Wow, a kiss and a long hug. I was so hard! He coming back in a few weeks time and will stay the night, planed in the spare room.
  10. Thanks guys for the advice and words of caution. On balance I still like the idea. I have a plan for a summer BBQ, hot tub party and a few other things to make a relaxed environment. Interestingly my wife recently talked about a work friend who had a 'mercy fuck' with a another colleague. Apparently it was very good but only happened the once. Good she was thinking about it!
  11. My best mate Peter has been single for nearly two years now and he’s not had a ‘jump’ of any kind for over a year. He’s a great chap but doesn’t have any luck with relationships. His last girlfriend was a stunner and even though they were engaged, unfortunately it didn’t last. I have known him since we were at school and my wife has a big soft spot for him too. Recently she’s been saying what a shame it is that he’s single and what can we do to change that. Last night she even said that he must be getting very frustrated not having regular sex! So this got me thinking ….. I would love to see her with another man but apart from some holiday flirting I’ve had no luck. Could there be an opportunity here? Half of me thinks they would be a great match and good for him too. On the other hand maybe he’s too close and I’m better continuing to look for a stranger. Anyone had experience of this? But there is a back story too. Apparently Peter is very well endowed. I know this because my wife keeps in touch with his ex and she's one of those who likes to tell her girlfriends all about her sex life. 8 inches so my wife tells me, that must be preying on her mind!!!
  12. Thanks for the advice ...... we will go to Hisaronu tonight and maybe the beach next week.
  13. Going on vacation / holiday to Fethiye near Dalaman, Turkey soon. Never been before so anyone know of good bars or beaches where I should take a hot wife? Thanks, Jetset
  14. My wife's tanlines on holiday last year. For the last two days she went topless around the pool for which she received a lot of attention and one direct compliment about her nipples.
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