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  1. got2

    My HotWife

    with someone else, yes. with me, she was usually totally silent.
  2. got2

    My HotWife

    I have them online on xhamster; this one is about sound of her fucking with someone.
  3. got2

    My HotWife

    Enjoy video of her, how she's cuckolding me and I'm filming Nové_video_Velké_-_kopie.mp4
  4. got2

    My HotWife

    We're from the UK, East Midlands, and yes she's available and willing to be fucked.
  5. got2

    My HotWife

    It's not mine, she rarely having sex with me.
  6. got2

    My Wife Is Going To A Bar By Herself Tonight

    Definitely keep us posted, please. Amazing topic !!!!
  7. got2

    My HotWife

    I hope you'll like her Comments appreciated!!
  8. I'm with my wife 9 years and approx 7 years we're enjoying this. During this time she had over 30 males. What about your wife??