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  1. We are new here

    She didn't for a few days.
  2. Travelling

    When she loves to travel
  3. Left my wife

    Thanks to her boyfriend.
  4. Left my wife

  5. Left my wife

    Left my wife with her bf. Can sleep well knowing she's in good hands.
  6. Wedding

  7. Showing hotwives

  8. Wedding

    Yes No
  9. Wedding

    Little did I know that it wasn't my seed growing in her womb.
  10. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    How about your wife publicly announcing to every1 that you're a cuck and her legs are open to all
  11. When she loves going out

    And doesn't return home for days but some random guys send you her pics.
  12. We are new here

    Michelle left home dressed like this.
  13. Hello

    No. She did some local photo shoots though.
  14. Hello

  15. Hello

    Here's my wife for you.