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    I am straight BULL searching for woman/milf,cougar,cuckold couple ,for good times, age no matter.Long term breeding etc.

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  1. I am 35 yo Bull from Greece, once i get in this lifestyle, i really started wanting to fuck and breed married woman or in relationship . If you have plans to visit in future my country pm me and lets meet for real.
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  5. YourWifeMySeed


    I am Greek Bull and i am always want to fill sexy hotwife's
  6. So there are possibility for me, relocate to USA this year. Any cuckold couple would like to have 35yo Greek bull in their home for long term, i love to bareback and creampie married pussy .
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  8. I did impregnate and it was super hot, they both wanted bull kid .
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  10. So i am 35 now and available for sexy fertile slut's
  11. i am 35yo Greek bull i would love to breed her!!!
  12. Hello people,so i am kinda new in this lifestyle(2 years ) and i had 9 hotwifes until now , i had friendly meets with wife's and open discussion with them about bareback and creampies.All the wife's i had sex with them always want they Bull bareback and even deep creampie , the most of them told me that love the risk to get pregnant and the filling when bull cum inside, the 2 of them told me that want bull kids only in their marriage. All the 9 i had sex they only bareback with bull, if they make sex with hubby is always with condom.So i would like to know , if the most of hotwifes prefer that?