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  1. Good luck hope you get the girl.... But at same time issue of Covid-19(Carona) going on I guess you would have to wait some time.
  2. Well it's better to be safe then regret... And you get more time to spend with your wife n relive the old memories or plan out more things.... i guess it's blessing in disguise. See you can connect to more people from all over here n if things turn out all ok and corona is gone you have all the options to explore.
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  4. Now those are some hot fuck cum creampies .. That's how they should be drilled n filled
  5. Hey, Sexy you got nice body.. ... I bed you love to be naughty sexy n have fun.... N get fucked deep..
  6. Hey , Gamesbond here hope the pic works ...
  7. Hey , She has perfext ass which would love to be fucked deep n hard n get her bend like a doggy n ramp the cock hard 8nside n have her sexy tits pulled squeezed while her ass is being fucked . Would love to see her pussy lips legs wide spread open n asshole open her hand opening her ass .
  8. I would love to fuck her bareback n cream pie her in her ass n make sure i fill her all holes before she leaves....
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