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  1. I’m a cuckold want-to-be. I don’t know how or why though. I have been trying to get the wife aboard for at least 10 years to no avail. Bummer. I’m medium endowed and use to have some stamina, but in the last year or so, I haven’t lasted longer then a minute and some times much shorter. I would do anything to have a Bull entice my wife.
  2. Your photos show the evolution of a super sensual and beautiful woman. More beautiful now than ever! My only wish is that my wife had the same confidence as yours. What a fortunate coupe
  3. I’d love to chat. I’m more than 4 inches but I can’t last 15 seconds when in the wife. I was about 7 1/2 inches when younger, but after practicing chastity play, I’m lucky to reach 5 1/2 inches and not nearly as hard. My only sexual desire is to have the wife cuckold me with an alpha bull who dominates both her and I