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  1. Hey pFlash....I'd like to read the full version but I don't yet have permission to send PMs. Grateful you PM it to me...

    Many thanks.

    1. pflash99


      Hi Snow.  I have several posts on here, so forgive me but remind me what full version you would like.  Whatever it is, I'll be happy to share it.

    2. pflash99


      Nevermind.  I figured out which post you were referring to, because others were asking for it, as well.  I've started the full version on the original thread.

  2. She is stunningly gorgeous !
  3. I sure will be thinking of she agreeable to showing her face makes imagination even stronger.
  4. Same wife found a guy and was fucking him for 20 years and she admits that if he'd not passed away she would still be doing it. She still talks about her adventures with him.
  5. Very similar to my until 18 with me and then 5 years later another, then another (me watching), then a sneaky one she told me about later before finding a part time FB which she kept for 20 years and still talks about. Sadly she has cooled of since the last one passed away.
  6. That's my take also, Rob. A whore does it for commercial gain - a hotwife generally does not. A slut does it with anyone and everyone and has little self esteem. A hotwife does it by choice and chooses who she takes and it is for her own gratification and that of her partner. My partner would really be offended by being called a slut....but, as you say, some women would get a kick out of the expression.
  7. Snow

    Advice needed

    Longrun, This is just how we started out and it worked well - it was an amazing experience and I recommend that you go ahead.
  8. So what is the story around this very erotic video?