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  1. OCcuckcouple

    Why do you want to share your wife?

    I enjoy watching her being enjoyed the same way I do.
  2. OCcuckcouple

    Wife and I met a bull.

    So, I have a video that I'd like to share, my issues is that she blows him and see her told to kiss me seeing both of is clearly. He's probably 9 or 10 inch, she enjoyed it and is looking forward to fucking him while I sit in chasity. Problem is our faces are clearly there. I would need some help in blurring some of the video
  3. OCcuckcouple

    My wife and not me

    She met the guy from Fetlife she got dressed here and left around 10PM didn't come home until near 1. She hung out they had a lot of fun, she also called me for a bit of the deal. It was really hot!
  4. OCcuckcouple

    My wife and not me

    I came several times watching it.
  5. OCcuckcouple

    My wife and not me

    Wife went out to meet a friend, waa sent this video. InShot_20180705_235318158.mp4
  6. OCcuckcouple

    Please T R I B U T E my wife's tits

    I have to get a new one, the other one was cutting into me. Not that I don't deserve the pain for the undesirable.
  7. OCcuckcouple

    Wife with bull awaiting details

    Yes, he kind of sucks with camera angles I had to wait to get stuff from both phones
  8. OCcuckcouple

    Cuckold Video - wife first bbc part 2 June 2018

    Jesus that's awesome! Spank bank material!
  9. OCcuckcouple

    Cheating Wife Doesn't Know I Know

    Mine cheated on me and it opened Pandora box. Now I'm here
  10. OCcuckcouple

    Cucks...check In

    Here's my slut for you
  11. OCcuckcouple

    Please T R I B U T E my wife's tits

    Thanks, didn't realize that.
  12. Wish I had a swing nice vid!
  13. OCcuckcouple

    Please T R I B U T E my wife's tits

    It's even kinda thin
  14. Where would be a good place for it? And ideas on how noticeable or good ideas she's okay with idea but I wanna know what you guys think.