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  1. Good for you I’m glad your wife came clean and organized a meeting with you all. It lets you know she cares about your marriage. How do you feel now giving them your permission to fuck whenever they want? Looking forward to your next update.
  2. 14 before me including a girl and none since we married but I keep trying to talk her into trying new ones.
  3. Are you still with her if so how have you all evolved? If your together why not ask her what happened she can tell you while you eat her pussy or while y’all fuck.
  4. She probably got thoroughly fucked by a couple guys. Maybe she got gangbanged.
  5. What do you want? obviously you like the lifestyle you have started. I would worry more about her lying that’s not a good sign. It sucks he is a rival and knows he’s fucking ur wife is that a deal breaker if so tell her. Will she even stop fucking him? She’s already fucking him behind your back. How much of a cuck do you want to be?
  6. I begged my ex to fuck my friend in a threesome. She finally agreed it took like 20 minutes to convince her. We started just us two I told her to suck his dick. I knew he was bigger but I had never seen it. He pulls out his cock and I couldn’t believe what he pulled out if his shorts. It was soft and already bigger then me hard. She sucked him while I fucked her he grew to about 8-9” of thick cock. She then says let’s switch So I sit on the couch where she starts sucking me as he positions his cock up to her pussy doggy. As soon as he buries that dick into her she moans like nothing I have ever heard before. she quickly spits out my cock and is just moaning loudly over my dick. I can feel every thrust cuz she is laying in my lap moaning like a whore. I realize I’m just in the way at this point. So I get out from under her and watch as he begins to fuck her into oblivion. They change positions multiple times her riding him missionary. I finally got asked if I want a piece which I did and I came within two minutes. Then he proceeds to fuck her for another hour. that was our first threeome the next weekend she called to hang out and I said I was hanging with him and she said bring him along. So it ended up the same with all us fucking more themthen me. This continues for 4 months where he fucks the shit out of her while I watch and get very little play. Somewhere in the middle it became verbally humiliating to me where he would tell her that this is his pussy now and she would agree. This was my gf and I was 3 feet away hearing her tell him it was his pussy and that she loved fucking him. later in the relationship they would fuck I was more a object in the room. But he would stop mid fuck to have me eat her used pussy and I could eat for a few minutes before I would get pushed aside so he could fuck her some more. So pretty humiliating for my first experience in cuckoldry later me and him had 3 girls together in a orgy but that’s a whole different story