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  1. RobJohnson

    Cucks, show off your cages

    Those balls look full in this one. When was the last time you were allowed to cum?
  2. RobJohnson

    Cucks, show off your cages

    Can’t you get a smaller one? There looks to too much room in there for your tiny todger.
  3. RobJohnson

    Cucks, show off your cages

    I love the cages, there is just so much involved in the use of them that they should be used more widely. The locking of them and your partner having the key is sending such a strong message both physically and mentally to the wearer. But also the wife, it suddenly becomes apparent that the caged cock has absolutely no use for it, she will never be bothered with it so she can focus totally elsewhere. The bulls seeing a caged cock to, just shows him where he stands and that the caged husband will never feature. I personally like the girly pink one. Just adds to the whole picture, a nice feminine colour that is just right for the husband. I knew of a guy who had his cage removed by his wife for sexual purposes once a quarter. Just a quarterly wank for health reasons to make sure his cock would still function. I think it’s good for the wearer. He knows exactly where he stands, he won’t be any bother to his wife and so it makes the whole situation much easier for everyone. Everyone is a winner in this situation. Just on the pictures on here, the cocks are so small that they aren’t of any use to any of their wives anyway. It only helps take any thought away from the situation, so it is obviously beneficial for all concerned. Respect to the wearers, each and every one of you. You deserve praise for doing the right thing. You know what is right for your wife and so credit for ensuring she won’t be bothered by your inadequate little penises. You are serving your wives the right and proper way.
  4. RobJohnson

    does eating black cum make you gay?

    My view is that if either your wife or her black lover requested you to suck his cock, then it is up to do as they request. It may not be what you want to do, but it is not about you, it is about their pleasure and you should contribute in their pleasure in anyway you are asked to. Cherish the moment, work hard to do your best for them, feel privileged that you are being allowed to take part, and ensure you do what you are being told to do. Its nothing about being gay, it’s about ensuring you do your best for your wife and her lover to the very best of your ability. Your mind should not be on any other thought other than your wife and her lover, and if this is the case you will ensure he enjoys your work.
  5. RobJohnson

    Best cuckold experience

    My wife used to see another guy, and we never openly discussed it. It was sort of accepted, but I didn’t like it. He turned up at a function once, and he came over, saying he needed a quiet word with her, whisking her away to another room, to arrange their next fuck and no doubt groping her. I just stoood there, on my own as this arrogant guy took my wife away, and you could just see the lust in her eyes and also the power the guy had over her. She came back flustered, and not saying a word as if she hadn’t gone off with him, we sort of never discussed it. He however would look at me, with an arrogant sneer, looking at me as if to say “I fuck your wife, I have her whenever I want, you are the loser in this” The following Wednesday she informed me she was going out with a work colleague, but the vagueness told me it was him. The feeling as she got ready, my heart was jumping out of my chest as I just knew she was preparing herself for him. She was quiet, didn’t want me around, she wanted space to prepare both her mind and body. I went into the bedroom several times she stood there, in the underwear I knew this arrogant guy would be removing shortly. Her make up was perfect, her hair, her smell, her short dress, everything for her arrogant lover. The mixture of her getting ready for her lover, but knowing I didn’t like him made the feeling much stronger. I couldn’t get his face out of my mind, this arrogant guy would be getting ready to fuck my wife. She went out, was very quiet, and so was I, and just sat there for hours thinking of him having her. If the guy was decent then it’s easier, but I know him, he is a loud mouth and you know he would be bragging to his mates that he was out shagging my wife. He is such a big mouth, he would tell everyone, tell them how he did her, how she swallows and how she likes it bareback. I know him, I know what he is like, and knowing my wife likes him to fuck her makes the feeling all the much stronger in a painful way. While she is out with him I can’t help but visualise him fucking her, I see him standing there with her on her knees sucking his cock. I imagine all of this and all the time him looking at me grinning. She returns home later, and goes straight to bed to hide her disheveled state. He has had her good, he has won again. I feel pleased I have her back, a relief, but every time I see him, he looks at me as if to say I can fuck your wife whenever I choose. It’s horrible, but the feeling inside is so strong, so mixed, so confused. It’s so strong because I don’t like him, but my wife needs him every so often, and I am the loser, and he makes sure I know that. I am sure his dislike for me makes him fuck her better and more often and I know he tells everyone. He isn’t around now, but this happened often some years ago
  6. RobJohnson

    Looking for pics of black bred wifes

    This is a wonderful picture. You can just see the pleasure on her face, feel her desire to please. His stance and dominance above her. You just can’t help wondering how the guy is feeling who took the photo? If it is his wife and he is unsure of the situation, he is about to be in for a shock
  7. RobJohnson

    Advice for new plz

    The strategy of “I don’t matter” just works for me, as sometimes if you are unsure of things going ahead, thinking that your wife is the important one and that I am not is how I play it in my head. I also think being in the background completely makes it easier for the bull, as it ensures you are not a barrier. Everyone has different situations, and I play it this way as often I get unsure of it all, so to use those words “I don’t matter” gives me comfort and ensures I take a back seat. Everyone is different, and everyone needs a different technique to get to that important goal of ensuring your wife gets fucked. I suppose also Dombull4u, and this would give you another insight into my mind, if you were to approach my wife, you would find me quiet, and submissive. I would not be wanting you to have her, but I understand how she is and how you can’t really stop her, so I would be quiet, let it take it’s cause and see where it ended up. I was taught that you can never stop these things happening if you have a wife who loves cock. So rather than fight it, just let it run its course and see how it develops. For me, my pleasure is the fact that I have helped her get ready, I have made her feel good and I haven’t suffered by trying to stop anything. I have been mentally strong in being submissive and helping things along. Then when she is out with him, that wonderful mixed feeling kicks in that she maybe having him, and I have assisted in it in some small way to ensure they are both comfortable. Intersting reading your thoughts Dombull4u, but if our paths crossed, you wouldn’t find me discussing anything with you, I would just leave you to her so you can both do as you please.
  8. RobJohnson

    Advice for new plz

    The big thing I was taught was the words “ I don’t matter” You can sometimes get involved when really it is just nothing to do with you,, and nor should it be. Your job is to help her feel good and look good in the first place, then after that it’s up to the bull and your wife to find their own path. The important thing is that they are left alone, they are the important ones, and you are not important. Your wife will then have a clear mind to focus on what she needs too. The last thing she wants is to be thinking of you, so the less you are involved the better. Then once she has cemented the relationship with her bull, then she will decide what involvement (if any) that you have. She may want you to be there, she may not? She may want to tell you everything, she may not? She may want you to clean her up afterwards, she may not? But the important thing is you gave her the space to have her lovers, to focus on them without any worries from you, and if she can do that, you have done your job well. This is just how I was taught, others will think differently, everyone has a different situation, but I understood this and mentally it helped me. I felt by being more submissive, it took pressure away from her thinking about me, and it helped her progress with lovers.
  9. RobJohnson

    Advice for new plz

    A few things here, firstly its about her looking good and feeling good that will give her the confidence to be open and flirt. Buy her new clothes and underwear so she goes to the bars etc feeling a million dollars, just make sure she is feeling great and looks great and the guys will come. Secondly, just make sure you are involved as little as possible when the guys come over. A good bull won’t want to talk to you, he will see your wife as a target, will want to lure her in, and you chipping in won’t help him. You don’t need to say anything, be more submissive and both the potential bull and your wife will see they are in control of the situation and you are not and let it take it’s course. Then if you go to the bar etc, they may have more deep conversations about what they want to do, and if you have been submissive they will see that the possibility of him having her is real. If you are involved you will be a barrier, and if he wants her, you are the last person he wants to talk too, it’s your wife he wants not you. So get her feeling confident, and play less of a role yourself. It’s not about you, this is about your wife so keep out of it as much as possible to let things happen. Maybe also strong enough characters have not approached yet. A good strong bull will keep on after his target until he has her, and if your wife shows the right signals to him, there is no way he will not have her. I have had loads of instances where strong guys have approached my wife. This was despite me not wanting anything to happen between them and her. But once they see the signs that she wants them, and they want her, they find a way. It may not be that night, but numbers might have been exchanged, or they have arranged to be in the same bar the next week etc. Once a bull has decided to have her, and she has given him the green light, I just knew I was unable to stop anything happening, despite me wanting too.
  10. RobJohnson

    Used, full condom

    It isn’t a fantasy of mine, my mentor told me that this was something I should be put through one day. Would I want to do it? No. Do I feel excited about the thought? No But it is something that would make me a stronger person and it would firmly cement my position within the situation. I suppose it would be like taking a medicine. Maybe an uncomfortable feeling as you taste it in your mouth, but must all be swallowed down as it would be good for me (and my wife and lover)
  11. RobJohnson

    Used, full condom

    Or if the bull has to use a condom, maybe it’s the cucks job to remove it and drink it’s contents.
  12. RobJohnson

    List Your Location

    I think you would look amazing in black jeans too :-)
  13. RobJohnson

    Want my wife humiliated

    I wouldn’t want her humiliated. She is a lovely young woman and feel you should just allow her to meet the lovers that she wants to meet. If anything, I would suggest it’s you humiliated as she leaves you for the weekend to spend it with other men who could give her something you can’t. Lovely lady that needs treating well. Yes, treating well may involve her enjoying a large cock up her ass and one in her mouth at the same time, but this lady is to be looked after, given what she wants but not humiliated. Just my thoughts
  14. RobJohnson

    1st time wife meeting guy alone

    You did very well. You could feel the unsureness in your post, but I thought you would regret it if you didn’t let it happen. I feel very happy for you, you overcame your fears and you let nature take its course. How did you feel at the time? How were you feeling afterwards and how do you feel now? I am assuming you now have a feeling of fulfilment and feel relaxed it’s over and you achieved. Be proud, you stretched your mind further than your wives lover had her pussy stretched. You did well and must be a better person for it now
  15. RobJohnson

    1st time wife meeting guy alone