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  1. This one is going to get lots of attention
  2. Wow, I love the beginnings, the build up, you just 100% know where this is going to go. It’s good for everyone here. The build up and the fact there are delays will mean Josh will be wanting you more and more, so I can imagine the sex will be amazing. But also it’s good for Ben as he will be having those wonderful mixed feelings and anticipating for much longer. It’s a good situation this. Just would love a photo of you in those good butt jeans. Love to see what Josh will be enjoying very soon xxxx
  3. TJ - sounds great for you. It gives you what you need while hubby is away. But please don’t forget hubby is getting so much out of this too. He will have that wonderful mixed feeling inside knowing someone else is seeing to your needs. He will be so excited and anxious and I am sure while you are getting a good seeing too, his cock will be sore from all the wanking he will be doing. All three of you win.
  4. I was thinking to encourage your husband to pick the very best for you, you could always put in a forfeit if he doesn’t get you a top class bull. Potentially, if the bull he chooses doesn’t hit the standard that you expect, then you will pick your next adventure without his input, which would include a full weekend away with two or three bulls that you choose yourself. Imagine how he feels when you spend a few weeks organising something extra special for yourself. I am sure it will make him consider what he did and in future he will put in extra effort to get the right bull to
  5. The word cheating doesn’t sound good. However I don’t think this is a bad thing to happen. If the wife has had secret lovers and it is @@@@@@@, it straight away gets you to a point where it is clear what the woman needs and wants. The dynamic is already set, the husband has to work it out mentally and so I think it can be helpful to starting the cuckold relationship. Maybe not the ideal way of going about it, but finding out and coping and working a way for your wife to have lovers from there, is much better than her hankering after lovers and her not having any.
  6. It would be interesting to know how he feels first when you have a lover? Does he get excited, or is it that wonderful mixed submissive feeling? Although I would be interested in hearing that, whatever the outcome I still think it would be good for him to pick a lover for you at some point. Can you imagine those feelings? You are actually picking someone to have your wife. You would obviously pick someone who would fuck her good, be physically better than you, you are basically choosing a better replacement. I think those feelings are good for everyone. The wife would reall
  7. You look lovely. Ladies like you deserve both quality and quantity. I hope your husband supports you in achieving whatever you desire.
  8. Saw a young couple last week In town in the daytime. . He normal looking, her absolute stunning, tall, elegant, short skirt, tits out, just sex on legs and the anklet perched just above 6 inch heels. The dynamic was clear, he was so happy to have such a beautiful girlfriend, but she comes with conditions. Those conditions were very evident by the way she looked.
  9. There are so many reasons, but I can understand this being more common than you think. Women having affairs are common, then if they are found out, decisions have to be made. If men don’t want to lose their loved one, and the wife doesn’t want to lose her sexual partners I can imagine cuckolding can naturally occur. I would imagine the emotions, turmoil and adapting to the situation will be highly charged and tough to work through, but if you can I would think the journey would be something else.
  10. She will have flirted with him 100%. If she has had those thoughts then when they met up in the office, or had conversations her body language and voice will have indicated her thoughts towards him. Maybe a brush of her boobs on his arms? But she will naturally have given off her thoughts even if she didn’t think she did. Pretty sure Clayton will know she has a soft spot for him.
  11. If you imagine something for long periods and often, eventually your brain will see it as reality and want to make it happen. It’s how sports stars reach the top of their game. They think of winning, think of being the best and as they have thought about it so much, they work towards it naturally. There are books on it. So if you can get your wife to carry on fantasising without any guilt, eventually she will need to make the images reality. It sounds like at the moment she is trying to take a step back as it will be strong and pleasurable images in her head and she maybe is try
  12. Not sure there is any bad to get rid of. Learning moving forward yes, but don’t think there is any bad in there Lexi. You will be fine, you will work it all out.
  13. Lexi is so giving, such a wonderful woman. She has her lover with her, but her thoughts are just as much with her husband, making him a better cuckold. You cannot state how wonderful it is that at the point of so much pleasure, Lexi is considerate towards him, helping him grow, telling him he loves her, as she enters the encounter with a man that will give her much more pleasure than her husband / faceless cuckold could possibly give. His returns in this encounter would be so high, so mixed, with that wonderful feeling of total submissiveness breaking through as he realise
  14. I know it’s just a cartoon, but if you have a wife like that, you must embrace the inevitability. They look great, the attention they will get will be massive, and the lure of the bulls will get their minds working overtime. Its better to be strong and understand reality, understand your wife’s needs, accept and embrace. It will happen, accept it, embrace it and try and enjoy it. Your wife’s pleasure must cum first
  15. The final barrier. Panties are the final barrier that is taken off before your wife gets used. Fabulous photographs, lovely wife
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