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  1. That is perfect Clara, just perfect. I need to spend time studying these pictures. Thank you xxx
  2. Clara - you look very elegant, I’d like to see you work on a cock. Can you post some cock sucking photos please? Preferably you dealing with a large stallion. Thank you
  3. I like the idea that Clara took the lead. Obviously a very popular lady that was not in any mood to just keep her body for Yann. A woman who knows what she wants, a woman who gets what she wants, a woman who deserves everything she can get. Stunning.
  4. Without doubt it’s a delicate situation to go into. I think the communication must be key and the relationship absolutely solid. Maybe in your wives mind was to find a permanent better lover, in which case there is danger. Its so tricky to find the right solution and that is why I believe that if you can let your wife benefit from better lovers and she always knows she will come back, this must be such a powerful relationship that comes out of it. But I can imagine there are times it fails, and the delicacy of it will increase the percentage chance of failure. But “normal” relationships fail everyday too. I just think if you can do this successfully the relationship grow as trust and communication will have increased significantly which are two of the most vital ingredients in a marriage
  5. I can only imagine the pleasure bulls have had with her. Amazing
  6. Perfection this one, true perfection.
  7. RobJohnson

    wank on me

    Is this your only photo Jane? You look delicious, and it’s clear why you will have other men xxx
  8. Made for sharing. There is no way you could expect to keep this for yourself, there would be too much interest, too many guys wanting
  9. You are being a good husband by doing what is needed to make your wife happy. And your marriage is surviving too. Well done to you both.
  10. Interesting that, shows the real risks I suppose. Being completely open is needed, totally open with feelings so you can both grow and help each other. But I don’t think it is easy for all couples ( me included). You both need to be on the same page, same agenda and then and only then can you both get the real benefits out of it.
  11. I believe that if there is a desire to have other partners, then working this out together as a couple should make you both much stronger. There is a big issue if the desires are there, yet there is no communication between the couple. The desires will create cheating, which generally leads to comparisons being made between the lovers and partner, and in the end making choices which would lead to break up. I believe if it can be discussed and explored as a couple, with complete openness, the strength that could develop here would be massive. Easier said than done obviously, but desires and needs don’t go away, they need to be addressed and if you can address these together I believe the power and strength that would fall out of this as a couple would be immense.
  12. Everyone has a different situation going on, but I personally think there are two points everyone can work on, which although won’t see the end result, it will ensure you have a good starting point. 1. Treat your wife with the utmost respect, tell her how stunning and sexy she is. Basically give her confidence in herself. Continue to do this ALWAYS, so she feels great about herself. There is absolutely no risk to the relationship here and neither will it appear a big step. But confidence will breed opportunity for her. Take her clothes shopping, encourage her to look good constantly, be proud of her. This will at the very least lead to her believing she has something to offer other men, but may want her to flirt, or react to flirting she receives. Basically help her to be more desirable to others. 2. In conjunction with point 1 you need to relax personally, don’t put any pressure on her, don’t ask questions, just be submissive so she starts to take control more. Then if any incident happens, she will worry less about what you will think and say. If you appear relaxed and easy going about it, there is every chance she will feel comfortable talking to you about anything that may happen with other men, flirting etc. She won’t tell you anything if she believes you will react negatively, so you need to give her the confidence that you will be relaxed if any conversations need to take place. There are obviously more steps to enable the situation to move on, but I wouldn’t worry about those until you have set the above two situations up. By doing this you have a sexy and confident wife, and a relaxed husband. Just think about that, a sexy confident wife and a relaxed husband. You can just see then where this may go. You just watch her open up. Once she feels good about herself and she feels you have helped her by supporting her and being relaxed, you listen to the things she starts to do, the places she wants to go etc. You can’t do one with out the other, you need to be relaxed to give her the space to grow. You can’t just be relaxed and not encourage her, you need both situations going on.
  13. You did the best for her, helped her grow and you will have grown too. Not all have happy endings
  14. I often think of women who are trying for babies with their husbands and are also having affairs. They must have a preference, and will really be more responsive to the man who she wants to seed them. Think there is more of this going on as you think as they say there is a good percentage of children born whose fathers aren’t who they think they are. Must be a real mixture of feelings for the woman.