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  1. I often think of women who are trying for babies with their husbands and are also having affairs. They must have a preference, and will really be more responsive to the man who she wants to seed them. Think there is more of this going on as you think as they say there is a good percentage of children born whose fathers aren’t who they think they are. Must be a real mixture of feelings for the woman.
  2. I don’t know about scientific evidence, but I personally have thought hard about relationships and which ones have the best chance of long term success. We all have desires, and often for either one or both parties temptation comes into play. At that point honesty can go out with window, either by unfaithfulness or with unfaithful thoughts that the individual will keep to themselves. I think the strongest chance of long term success would come from a true cuckold relationship. If the MALE truly gave themselves to his wife. If his thoughts were of her needs only. If he was restricted sexually and agreed that this is to the benefit of the marriage. If he concentrated on fulfilling his wife’s desires, and wholly accepted her needs. If the FEMALE was truly open about her desires and communicated her needs effectively. If she controlled her husband sexually, and allowed him limited sex that kept his desire towards her so strong. If she openly had lovers to highlight her strong sexuality to her husband. If the above happened, there would be no need for any dishonestly whatsoever. In addition the female would feel so much love towards her husband for giving so much to her, and he would feel so much love for her being so open and honest. All men love sexual women, and you would have that in abundance in this situation. I apologise I haven’t written this well, but I hope you get what I mean here? The dynamic of a true cuckold relationship I believe gives so much more chance for a long and happy marriage if worked on correctly. Of course every relationship is different, but I think it’s the honesty in the cuckold scenario that gives it the edge over other relationships. It takes so much effort by the male to make this work, the female would naturally appreciate his efforts and I am sure the relationship would be so much stronger. Why would the female want anything else when she has everything she can ever want? She is allowed as much male attention as she ever needs and can openly discuss her needs, and more importantly have every need she craves. Sorry it’s a bit rambled, but hopefully you get what I am saying. I just think relationships are built on honesty and trust and the true cuckold relationship lends itself to this perfectly.
  3. I wouldn’t want my wife to be humiliated, unless it was something she wanted to happen herself. I want her to be cherished and adored, so I wouldn’t get off on her being humiliated. However, if it was something she wanted to happen, then I would obviously want to support her as it is what she is wanting to happen. Whatever she wants and desires is all that I want.
  4. You are obviously on the turn, and I think there is much more to think about and work out. You need to spend time looking at videos, photos and read about others experiences and the real you will suddenly appear. I personally don’t think you can come to any conclusion yet, as things will unfold that you didn’t realise could as you explore on your journey. You say there are things you aren’t into ( at the moment), but if you try new things you want to try, try could well lead you down another path that you never thought possible. You never know, in a year or so time, you could be tied up, with a cage on your cock, as a group of men take turns on wife.
  5. If this girl was a whore, I’d spend thousands. The joy you could have with her, wow.
  6. Caroline is simply the best. So look forward to seeing her photos.
  7. More and more photos of her please. My favourite
  8. You need to get a real stud to do her. She looks like she’d go really well, so you need to seek the right guy to do her good
  9. You’d have a great time on her. Tell us more about her, does she get plenty of cock? If not, it’s about time she did.
  10. RobJohnson


    I think it’s defiantly you looking for the ultimate in total submission.
  11. I enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing
  12. Oh yes, just so desirable. Just so sexy and I can understand why the bbc’s swarm around her. The very best - thank you for sharing
  13. I think we are all different, and experience and history makes us what we are. So everyone has different feelings and gets drawn towards a certain way to go. Whatever that path is, you need to take it. It’s telling you to go down that path, it’s not to be suppressed. It isn’t any good trying to change those inner feelings. My example of this is many years ago many people had gay feelings but didn’t think it was right to go down that route, they tried to suppress it. But now it has been accepted, people have come out and taken the path that is right for them. Whatever you have inside is because you have come to the stage that you are now for a reason. So you shouldn’t stop it, you should follow what you feel naturally drawn towards.
  14. Love picture five. The girl on her back, legs spread and the powerful black guy thrusting in and out of her. His powerful thighs, his relentless thrusting. She must be overcome with the joy of him pounding her. How could you not want your lovely wife to not sample this? If you love her you must want her to feel that pleasure.
  15. That can’t be the first bbc she’s taken up the arse. That cock fits in there with ease.