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  1. This one is well worth a look. If you saw this guy fuck your wife, you just know she would never be the same again. Hats off to a top bull with a huge cock. One fuck she will never forget.
  2. RobJohnson

    Black CumShots

    This could be a good video for cuckold training. I am pretty sure if your wife was to view this a few times, her desires would be evident, if they aren’t already. Cant see wives not wanting this once they have seen it
  3. RobJohnson

    Calling women slut/whore???

    Whore seems wrong to me as nobodies wife is a whore. I would think a whore would have several men daily, so I don’t think that name is suitable for any wife. Slut, slightly different, I believe it means someone who has low morals sexually and will fuck many men, with little thought. I would think there could well be a few wives on here that maybe could be termed sluts. But I would think the vast majority on here would not fit into either bracket and just enjoy picking new partners for sex and maybe quite choosy, but like many experiences. I can though think that some (not many though) could get a kick out of using the terms, so if it works for them then that’s all that matters
  4. RobJohnson

    Hot nurse NY/NJ

    Can you imagine being presented by that in the third photo? Just imagine, what a time you would have. You would thoroughly enjoy every moment
  5. RobJohnson

    Hot nurse NY/NJ

    Oh my word. You had no chance keeping her to yourself. No chance whatsoever.
  6. RobJohnson

    Creating a cuckold

    This was in our very early days. Think we had been going out about six months and I had just started to feel that she was a very popular young woman. Model looks, very busty, slim, I knew she would be popular, but it’s the way she reacted to men gave me a strange feeling inside. Men would come up to her, and her body language told me she loved the attention. Touchy feely towards them, she kind of encouraged the men towards her rather than bat them away. It wasn’t something though that you could discuss as you would have felt silly. You couldn’t say to her that she gives off too many signals, it wouldn’t have been right so you sort of let it go and accepted it. It was a works night out, a very male environment and guys were coming down from head office as well as the office guys, so I knew there would be plenty of attention towards her. Also the business that it was, was very competitive, young hungry guys so I knew there would be a chance of men coming on at her, and I knew how she reacts towards them, so it was a worrying time. I managed to get invited. We were due to go out that night anyway, but as this event had also been arranged she asked me to come along so she could do both. I was driving, I picked her up from her parents house and my god was I in for a shock. Tiny skirt, tight white t shirt with a v neck that showed her cleavage, very high heels, I was shocked how sexy she looked for a work event. It wasn’t slutty, but it was very very sexy and as soon as I saw her my jaw dropped. Not sure she was dressed appropriately for a works function unless she planned on getting fucked, but she was with me so I was kind of okay with it. We arrived at the bar and there were only three other women from the office, all rather plain and my girlfriend, and around twenty guys, and straight away they made a play for her. It was as if she was the fun for the night, their tongues hanging out, all wanting her atention, and in every case she gave the attention back. To say it was awkward was an understatement. The guys ignored me, and the competition for her attention was rife. She was taken away from me from the start, plied with drink and I was left with one of her female colleagues as they all tried their luck. She loved it, she was playing them all, she just loved all these guys wanting her, but because nothing was really said I couldn’t say anything, but the body language just said it all. We had agreed that we would leave at 10.30pm as I had to travel early the next day for a meeting, so I was looking at the clock watching the time go, and waiting until I could have her back. Then one of the bosses who was standing next to her just started stroking her bottom. I looked and instantly felt strange inside, and he just carried on. They were about 6 metres away, and it just continued. Her friend looked at me as if to see if I was alright, she didn’t know what to say, but my girlfriend just took it and accepted her bottom being continually stroked. She didn’t complain, and although I couldn’t see the front view, I could just tell she was jutting her breasts towards him so they were touching his body. It was clear she was accepting the situation, but also encouraging it. I said nothing as there were about twenty guys in there, and they were all making a play for her so I was on my own. I was the only one who didn’t like it. They were all loving it, chatting her up, touching her and clearly enjoying her big tits being on show. We headed to a restaurant and it became worse. She was always getting up from next to me and moving beteeen the different men, then she started sitting on a few of the guys laps and they were putting their arms around her. I remember her sitting on this guys lap, and her tits were about in his face as she passed the wine to another colleague. She was their play thing, and I was thinking that if I wasn’t there, she could have easily been their fuck toy. I was just so glad we were leaving early and I could get her home safe from the guys. It started getting to the time we planned to leave, and there was no sign of her wanting to go. A further hour went and I was getting edgy as the more that was drank, the more she was getting friendly, and the more I was thinking of my appointment the next day. It was miles away and it was a big meeting so I really had to go. It got to about midnight and I said to her that we needed to go. She said that it was awkward as they were all her seniors and it would look bad on her if she left, and also they were all heading back to their hotel for drinks and they wanted her there and so she would be going. It was decided I best leave, and she would carry on the evening, and I just knew that as soon as I was gone, barriers would be down from both sides and it was unclear how the night would go. As it was the early days your mind plays tricks. You sort of ignore what you saw and thought that maybe she would just have a quick drink and head home. She has a boyfriend so surely nothing would happen? But then after the years have passed and you have seen so much happen and how she has behaved, it is just hard to imagine what happened after I left. I knew those guys were pleased to see the back of me, and I dread to think what happened back at the hotel. Would she have been a good girl and left after a drink? Would the guy stroking her bottom have made a play for her? Or god forbid would she have been their fuck toy for the night?
  7. RobJohnson

    Creating a cuckold

    I have other incidents I will put down in writing yes
  8. RobJohnson

    Creating a cuckold

    The process was on-going. Incidents carried on happening and I struggled with it. It was only when I chatted it through with someone. They advised me that she would never change, she always would need the thrill of new cock and I should adapt to her. So now when something appears to be happening, I allow her space, I will encourage her to look good and now the feeling of fear has been replaced by butterflies in my stomach when it is clear she is planning a date. She won’t be fully open with what she is doing, but I think we both know we both know if you know what I mean. I think she appreciates the space I give her, I even shop with her for new clothes and underwear beforehand so that I can feel a part of what is happening. On the night now I have this nice feeling inside that I have played my part.
  9. RobJohnson

    Creating a cuckold

    At the time the thought of her having a cream pie did cross my mind, but I didn’t want to find out. It was a difficult time coping with it all. But like I say, she was creating a cuckold. It was her way of getting me how she wanted me to be, accepting the situation of her having lovers. At the time though I did wonder whether she was leaking his seed as the taxi took us home
  10. RobJohnson

    Creating a cuckold

    I was never a cuckold. I didn’t even know what one was, and if I was ever told about it, I would have never wanted to have walked that path. I was created. It took time, I was nurtured, given challenges I didn’t even know I was given. I was tested and put in situations where my wife would create exactly what she wanted. She is greedy, she always was, but rather than hit me with her needs early on, she cleverly lead me into situations that would eventually lead us where we are today. I remember one of my very early tests. A situation she created to see how I would act. She wanted to see if I would conform, how I would handle it all and if I was worth keeping. I am sure if I had reacted differently I would have been history, but that wouldn’t have mattered, she would have found someone else who she would have nurtured. Extremely good looking, busty, slim, blonde, blue eyes, with a warm and welcoming personality, men were and still are drawn to her. In the early days men would just be like a magnet to her, and while some women have a way of turning the attention away, my wife’s body language, personality and looks had the opposite affect and men just clamoured after her. Out with the girls, or at work, I knew I always had men who wanted her, and inside it was killing me. I just wanted her all to myself, but her outlook towards men filled me with a deep uncomfortable feeling inside and she did nothing to relieve that awkward feeling, in fact she made it worse and worse. A new guy at work arrived, a real looker, confident and one I knew she would flirt with as soon as I saw him. We met out in a bar one night quite soon after he joined and you could just tell she was giving him the signals. He was married, and that was my only hope. Would he have the morals to leave her alone, but seeing them that night I just doubted it very much. Her large breasts on show, jutting them out for him, her open stance, her touching him, I knew she was drawing him in. Of course I questioned her thoughts about him, and of course she just passed them off, but I just knew her and knew she couldn’t resist a good looking guy and that she would be making moves towards having him. The Christmas party soon arrived and luckily I was invited as it was for partners too. What a relief I thought, nothing could happen here, I would be there, and so would his wife so I could at least relax. It was at a really nice hotel, my wife dressed to impress in a stunning short dress, boobs on show and I was so proud to be with her. It was a dinner then disco, the dinner being on a large long table. No seating plan, and as everyone went to sit down I ended up sitting next to my wife, with Mr Good Looking sitting opposite her. That made me feel a little uncomfortable, but worse was to come when I found out his wife didn’t make it to the event. No major issues, just her not being there and him sitting opposite my wife were two little things that made me just a slight bit uncomfortable. Dinner was served and dynamics changed in a direction I didn’t want them to take. My wife just carried on talking to Mr Good Looking, laughing, joking, ignoring me, and a couple near me sort of tried to take my attention towards them as if they were trying to take me away from the conversations my wife were having. It basically felt like my wife and her work colleague were the couple and I was the outsider. Laughing and joking became more exaggerated and I became even more the outsider. It was as if I wasn’t even there. It might have been just in my head, but I would look around and I just felt the whole of the table we’re monitoring what was going on, as if they knew they would be after each other and wanted to see how it would unfold. Dinner was concluding and I just was desperate for it to be over when the disco started. I was just about to nip in and take my wife away from him when she told me she was just off to dance, and left me alone as the pair got up. It was humiliating on two fronts. My wife was clearly engaging with him and leaving me alone, but all the eyes of her work colleagues were on them, but also on me to see my reaction. As they danced I didn’t know where to look. Should I monitor what they do, or look away. It was so awkward but then two couples came up to talk to me. It was small talk and I knew they felt sorry for me. They positioned themselves so I wasn’t looking at the dance floor, so I couldn’t see what my wife was up to, and you could tell these people were just being kind to me as they knew how awkward it was. They were being so kind and I appreciated how they were treating me, but every so often I would look over my shoulder to see my wife and her work colleague having a great time, dancing, holding hands etc. Everytime I had a sneaky look, the couples sort of made sure I looked back quickly by asking me a question and taking my attention away from the loving couple. After an hour or so I looked again and my wife and the guy had gone. My heart started to race and I just couldn’t concentrate on the conversations any longer. I had hit a barrier and needed to find her, I think I had had enough and was worried they could take it further so I needed to find her and make sure nothing was going on. There was another bar so I went there. They weren’t there, I went outside, I went to a bar on the top floor, I went everywhere, twice, three times, I was wandering around for an hour trying to find them, and trying to pretend I wasn’t bothered, but clearly I was. Her friends were giving me a wide berth at this point as they clearly knew something and so I was being avoided. About an hour later she turned up, she came over and her personality had changed.She was quiet, she was making forced conversations about how nice the food was, then ten minutes later he walked in and headed to talk to different friends. I cautiously asked her where she had been and she said to the toilet and then she was talking to other people in the other bar. That clearly wasn’t the case as I must have checked that bar over ten times. They were now apart, I had her back, but where had she been. She had had no thoughts for me, just for him and what she wanted to do with him and it looked to me they must have gone somewhere and spent sometime together. At the time you justify it to yourself. Maybe you missed seeing her in the bar. Maybe they just went their separate ways and I missed them both. He is married, so he wouldn’t do anything. The one that did it for me was me thinking that nobody would ever fuck someone else at a Christmas party whilst her partner was at the same function. It was this that I clung to. As the night drew to a close we all got our taxis. I decided to be brave and as Mr Good Looking was saying good bye to everyone I asked him what time his taxi was booked for. His response was to tell me he didn’t have one booked as he was staying at the hotel. As he only lived a few miles away I just wasn’t expecting him to have a room, and as he told me, my heart sank, I got that ache inside and I realised that he had planned it all, left his wife at home, booked a room and in all probability fucked my wife while i was wandering around like a fool looking for her. There I was looking around the hotel for me, when he would have had his cock buried deep into her. We left and as we got in the taxi my emotions were all over the place. She is stunning, so lovely and if I had said anything I just knew she would have got the taxi driver to take her back and he would have ended up fucking her all night. I just didn’t know what to think. I felt lucky to have her, I felt betrayed, I felt if I said something I would lose her, I felt everyone knew what she and him were doing apart from me. I didn’t realise it at the time but this was a part of the challenge. Just a game to see how I would react and what she could get away with. I said nothing and she then took that as a positive step towards her being able to fuck this guy whenever she then wanted. She knew I didn’t have the balls to challenge her, so she knew from then how she could progress with him and other guys. I just didn’t realise at the time it was her way of making me cuckold. She wanted a husband, but he must be pliable and able to accept her need for new cock as and when she wanted it. That night was one of the first in my journey. She succeeded on two fronts, she was conditioning me, and she was getting the cock she craved. All I got was a nice Christmas meal and a very uncomfortable feeling inside
  11. RobJohnson

    Elaine's First Time

    Great shot in her hair. He enjoyed that I am sure, as did your wife
  12. I can imagine there are hundreds of guys on here, not contributing, but taking in what goes on. They are reading and learning, and wondering what is best for them. I can imagine there are loads of guys who worry what their wives get up to, they are desperate to keep their beautiful wives to themselves, but deep down they know it’s a struggle, so they come on here to learn how other guys cope with it. For those guys that are unsure, I just want to try and give some comfort. It was plainly obvious my wife was a strayer. A true flirt, beautiful and obviously would be hit on wherever she goes. The anxiety attached to this is a problem, and you are constantly worried, and looking back on it now, you are just trying to stop the inevitable happening. You can’t stop it. If they are attractive and naturally promiscuous, you might be able to stop one encounter, or delay an encounter, but you will always be trying to stop the inevitable. Your wife will want other men, men will want your wife, it is going to happen if it hasn’t already and so it’s much better for you both if you learn to accept it and let her enjoy what she craves. The reasons I give for this are: 1. You benefit massively. If you learn to accept it, which is a very achievable objective, all the anxiety goes away. Yes you have to learn, but once you have learnt you just feel so much better and more relaxed. It’s like a weight gone off your shoulders. 2. Your relationship improves as your wife is happy having her lovers. She also appreciates you not trying to stop her, so she appreciates you more. Your relationship gets stronger as there are no worries, no fights, no questions. She has better sex (elsewhere) and a better relationship with you, what more could you want. 3. You get pleasure in knowing you have allowed your wife to have the ultimate pleasure. You feel strong that you have allowed it to happen and have learnt how to deal with it. 4. There are bulls out there that can help. This isn’t something I have benefitted from personally, but I would like the situation where a bull could take control and so it takes even more pressure off you. Let the bull and your wife decide everything, it just takes all pressure away from you and makes everybody happier, your wife, the bull and you. 5. If others are having your wife it makes you want her more. It’s natural that you will want her more, the more others want her. You know you have a lady that everbody wants to fuck, so it makes you feel lucky to be involved with her. It all just makes sense. You become a better person by your learnings, and all that anxiety that goes with trying to keep a beautiful woman to yourself disappears. You wife gets what she needs to, so it just makes obvious sense now. I think the sooner you realise the benefits of allowing your wife what she craves, the best for everbody. I just wished I had learnt all about this years ago. The times my wife went away with the girls, dressed to fuck guys and the anxiety it caused me. The times she would say she was out with a girlfriend and I knew it was a guy. It was just she needed something extra and I wasn’t courageous enough at the time when she was clearly indicating to me what she needed. Learn how to cope, embrace it and let your wife have all the cock she craves. Just my thoughts.
  13. RobJohnson

    Bareback or Condoms???

    I think it’s best for everyone if the bull goes bareback. Both participants obviously prefer the bare cock situation, and I am sure it makes the cuck a better person having to deal with fact that the bull has cum in your wife. The bull leaving his seed is like a calling card, and I think it’s best for you if he sends your wife back seeded. It shows the hierarchy. I think bareback should happen as much as possible, and it’s up to the cuck to help find the right bull to enable bareback to take place. It’s your duty. Maybe if bareback isn’t possible to start with, then to help the cuck progress, the wife should bring the full condom back for either her or her cuck to drink. Returning home with the bulls cum either in your wife, or at least in the condom is important for everyone.
  14. Enjoy it, or learn to enjoy it. I don’t think it’s easy for everyone to see your wife done like this. But learn to enjoy it, think of the pleasure you are allowing her, and think of how strong you are in just letting it happen.
  15. RobJohnson

    Cuckold Video - cucks view eos 2018

    She is getting well looked after