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  1. List Your Location

    Very nice Lexi, stunning xx
  2. Showing hotwives

    Great ass, it needs a good spanking.
  3. Left my wife

    Perfect, just perfect. It is impossible that ladies this good can stay with one man. It is clear she will always get attention and even if you wanted too, you couldn’t stop her getting loads of cock. You have done the right thing and given in, allowing her lovers, because she would have had them anyway. A truly beautiful woman who deserves all the cock she gets.
  4. Showing hotwives

    Perfect, just perfect. Built for sex, this lady needs to be shared. Perfect
  5. Showing hotwives

    Love those knickers, the picture got me instantly hard. Bending over, rimming her arse with those knickers on, then sliding your cock deep into her. A great photo, and I am sure someone is going to be lucky enough to fill her with their seed.
  6. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    Another humiliating time for me was when I went on her works Christmas party. I was convinced she was seeing a work colleague for sex and when he sat next to her over dinner, you could just see the electricity between them. It was a long table of around 20 people, mostly couples and I could feel everybody looking to see how I was reacting as she clearly was enjoying his company more than mine. Everytime I looked around, people were looking at the three of us, then would suddenly turn away. After dinner there was a disco and dancing, and off she went with him to the dance floor. Then her friend started chatting to me so I was looking away from the dance floor. When I was next able to look for them, they were gone. I made an excuse to need the toilet and looked around the dance floor and both bars, and all the time her work colleagues were looking at my actions. I went outside, looked in few bars and dance floor and nothing. There were many companies at this event, but I ensured I looked everywhere. I made my way back to the table and three of her friends started to talk to me, clearly trying to buy her time. Then about half hour or so later she appeared, saying she had been to the other bar. Shortly after he appeared, so it was clear they had both been gone together. As we left much later we went to get a taxi, and I asked why Steve wasn’t bothering getting a taxi. She said he had booked a room there and was stopping over. It was at that point I realised I hadn’t gone nuts, she had clearly gone to his room for a fuck and her friends knew what would go on and were looking after her best interests. Everyone there would have known he had her that night and were all looking to see if I knew or how I would react. To make it worse we were not living together at the time, and I wondered if she went back for seconds as she was very keen for us to get a taxi and get gone. I am pretty sure now she would have done and he would have got good value out of that hotel room.
  7. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    I understand your view, but every bodies situation is different. I firmly believe in the early days my partner was trying to be open with me about her need for other men, but I was so closed to the idea when she was trying to approach the subject. I think it was me who closed the door and it is all my fault that she had to create situations for herself outside of our relationship. I fully take the blame, I should have understood her needs and been better at communicating when she was clearly indicating what she needed. My fault, not hers and I fully accept the responsibility. I have now changed for the better, I am indicating that I understand she needs other men, and I can see she is now slowly being more open with me. I don’t think it will be long before we discuss her needs fully and we are totally open with each other.
  8. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    Another one was when I went with her to her works Christmas Party at a hotel. The guy I was sure she was seeing turned up without his wife. After the dinner both my partner and him disappeared. You could see the rest of the party look at me to see how I would react. Her friends came over to talk to me as I knew they felt sorry for me and wanted to take my mind of what was happening. At one point I went around the hotel bars and dance floor just to see if I could see signs of them, but they were nowhere to be seen. About three quarters of an hour later she reappeared, him appearing five minutes after. She was very cagey saying she was chatting to a work colleague in the other bar, which wasn't true as I had checked that bar and had seen the work colleague with someone else. It was a horrible hour, I just knew they were going to disappear, then it seemed like hours as they were gone and all eyes were on me. Then when she returns everyone was looking to see how I would react. I remember putting my arm around her, but there was no reaction. She has just been fucked by her lover in his room and I was just not on her radar. Very uncomfortable night.
  9. Wedding

    A fine looking bride. You cannot expect women like this not to have a host of lovers. She looks stunning and deserves to have the best lovers and variety.
  10. Cuckold Coach

    I think we can all learn from others. I personally was taught from scratch from a Dominant Mistress. Everyone has a different situation, but listening to others and seeing if your situation matches theirs is a positive way forward.
  11. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    If you ever have any doubts or insecurities ever, this would have been a time that would have given you a difficult time. I would have to be in the right state of mind to take that situation and handle it well. Wow.
  12. Embarrassing orgasm problem

    This highlights the needs for real bulls, and highlights why it's only a good thing to let your wife / partner find quality lovers. Last night I had the pleasure of my partner, and came within a minute of being inside her. It just made me realise and understand even more why she searches for lovers outside of our relationship.
  13. Cuckold and FLR

    If think you might find it hard to achieve. I think you have discussed what you would like to see happen, which is a massive step, but she may just not be the type to want to go in that direction. I personally think that I would look after her really well, think of her needs in every situation and she may well start to take control and then there is a possibility that she feels right becoming the controller in the relationship and may then take advantage of other men. But you stating what "you" want is not really thinking of her and is not giving her the control. I would certainly ease off, or another alternative would be to say you wanted her to enjoy other men as you believe she deserves much better than you can give and you really would love to see her happy in every single aspect of her life. If she sees you are thinking of her you have a chance. But it appears at the moment it's about what you want and that needs to change. Focus on the lady in everything she does, support her in every way, treat her like a queen and she may well become stronger, more confident and she may then want to explore her new identity. This will take some time to sort out. PS everybody has a different situation. My partner enjoys her lovers behind my back, I am struggling to get her to bring it into the open. But as she has gained confidence and now knows I am just focussing on her, she has started to tell me about ex lovers, men who make a pass at her and I think within a year or so she may have the confidence to confide in me with regards to her needs with other men.
  14. Fellow cucks most humiliating thing

    This was before I accepted I was a cuck. Been going out for about 6 months, totally in love with her. Absolutely stunning busty blonde, model material. She was always going on works nights out and I was a little worried, so I managed to invite myself on the next one she had. We met her work colleagues in a bar, all testosterone driven high earners, just the odd female amongst this group of men aged around 30-40. I was left talking to one of her female friends as she was talking to one of her bosses from head office. They had their backs to me as he slowly and continuously stroked her bottom. She didn't flinch, just took it as her friend looked at me in a sort of apologetic way. When she returned I mentioned her boss stroking her and she just passed it off as if it was nothing. Drinks were flowing, off to a restaurant and her flirting with all the men was outrageous, but from her point would have been defendable if I mentioned it. You could see the hunger in their eyes for her, the innuendo, her working the table, the sexual tension as I just sat there as she often got up to talk to these guys. At one point she sat on one of the guys knee, her large breasts virtually in his face. She was playing the room, was horny and all the guys were hot for her, and I was desperate to get her out of the restaurant and the evening to end. I needed to travel early the next day, so I suggested we leave, to which she responded "the guys want me to go back to their hotel for drinks, they are senior management so I must do as they say, you go and I will speak to you tomorrow" She was desperate for me to leave, but i just dare not say anything as I knew she would say she was just being friendly and I was being silly. I left the restaurant and leaving her was like knowing the guys would do all they could to get her knickers off. You knew as soon as I left they would be onto her even more than when I was there. None of the guys talked to me, it was that I wasn't wanted, I was a barrier between them and my girlfriend and they couldn't wait for me to go. Leaving that restaurant and walking back to get a taxi was hard. But then you doubted what you saw and thought maybe you were being silly and she was just having a bit of fun and nothing would happen. She was living at home so I didn't know what time she got home, and it wasn't mentioned the following day. I did wonder whether it was me and just mind games, but then over the years you realised that I wasn't seeing things and she is just a girl who loves cock and always will. There were several instances over the years where work colleagues managed to get her knickers down. Walking away that night leaving her to the hungry men to have her was humiliating, and several of these instances happened. It was only when I accepted my position and understood that her needs are the most important thing that I have managed to cope with these situations.
  15. Trained or self taught?

    One of my best lessons was when Mistress explained to me that we can't be good at everything. It's only human that we are good at certain things and not others. I explained how attractive my partner is, and it was apparent that there is a miss match between us where she can command the best sex available from studs and lovers, yet I am only average on the sexual side. I learnt to accept that it is only natural that the cream rises to the top and if there are good looking studs out there that can give great pleasure to my beautiful partner, it's only natural for her to want to be satisfied by the best studs and I need to know where I stand with regards to ranking. I spent years fighting it, not wanting her to stray, but when you look at it in the cold light of day, it is only right that very attractive women get what they deserve sexually. So now I accept it and my partner gets what she deserves and needs and I understand why