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  1. Lately

    I am in transition, we all have a story don’t we, we are all different. And yes, I wrote this as I would deal with it if I was in this persons shoes. If I was at that point. For me, I think it would be great too if my wife went out in one of those shirts, but I think for both partners it would be ideal first if it was in a town that you both don’t frequent just so close friends do not see your wife in it. You are right, for my wife to go out in one of those shirts would be absolutely amazing for us both. Anymore photos greatly appreciated
  2. Lately

    How about her wearing the t shirt to a restaurant that you do not frequent often. Or one out of town? Maybe then she would feel more comfortable to start with? I can understand her feeling strange to start with, so if it was a more comfortable situation where you are both not known? Or underneath another top where only part of the t is on show? Or how about an anklet instead? I think you could make this happen if it was not such a big thing for her to start with, then she can progress after an initial less intrusive start.

    6 and 15 for me all day long. That arse, perfect, would love to be presented with that.
  4. Thank you for following me x

  5. Only watched a quarter of this, but this is good, very good
  6. Any Regrets?

    I am having an unsure time at the moment, and to read that is very powerful. There will be a mixture of feelings as I have said, but the nervous or anxious feelings would have overrode all the positives there and I am assuming all the good feelings would have left him, leaving him in a bad way. I could imagine it would have been even worse for him aftereards when he was alone with his wife and she enjoyed it and wanted to take it further, there would be a difference of feelings between the two of them that made it worse for him. Both driving home, having just swallowed your load, her horny while he has regrets and no good feelings inside. Would be an absolute nightmare. I wonder at what point he started to regret it? If it was when you were getting sucked off, and his negative feelings took over, but then with those feelings still inside him as his wife continued to suck you off until you came in her mouth. Wow. I am in negative mode at the moment, feeling insecure and unsure and at times like this, the last thing you want is your wife being fucked by her lover. I can say one thing on what you have put there, I doubt very much the husband will ever forget you unloading in his wife’s mouth. It would have been awful for him, no pleasure and I would think it haunts him to this day. I would assume how much she clearly enjoyed it and her different feelings to him during and afterwards would have played a big part in their future, which was short lived after this.
  7. Any Regrets?

    Wow, that’s an incredibly strong situation, the feelings there go beyond the nice feeling to a mixture of nice with uncertainty. A real tough mixture, and incredible to read
  8. Any Regrets?

    Think they are more those wonderful cuckolding feelings, those weird feelings only some people will ever sample. But has anyone had second thoughts as she leaves the door? Or was worried she would be lost to the lover for good? Or cannot cope with the fact that the new lover is much better and so now wish you hadn’t allowed it to happen? Or her going out when you were both not in the best place personally so you not enjoying the moment of her being fucked? Surely this isn’t a walk in the park all the time, maybe situations haven’t gone as you wished and you are at home while your wife is getting fucked and you regret agreeing to it?
  9. Any Regrets?

    All sounds very positive on here, everyone enjoying seeing or thinking of your partner being taken by these bulls. But anyone have second thoughts? Anyone see the wife go to bed with her bull and you start to panic and regre it? Any regret stories?
  10. Wife's anklet

    I love the anklet, and believe it must work well as a tool to get fucked. It allows men to realise what these ladies are after and so helps everyone along the way. I have seen a few ladies in an anklet and I instantly get a hard on, they certainly work for me.
  11. So, can much be read into this?

    I love this thread, it highlights the very start of something potentially happening, the cuck who is unsure how to proceed, and some really good advise. The added twist being the cuck wants it to happen, but not with the guy who currently is the favourite to have her. This could go in any direction, it could end as soon as it started, it could end up with the wife having the boss, which the cuck wouldn’t want, or it could be the start of creating a wonderful hot wife and the journey that comes with that. My money would be on it coming to nothing, or the boss having her. The latter sounds horrendous to the cuck at the moment, but if it was to happen, those feelings of his boss fucking his wife and all the emotion attached to that would teach him so much in such a short space of time. Imagine the thoughts going through his head knowing his wife is being fucked by the boss, and knowing he would have to go into the office the next day? Inagine the power the boss will have over him, with his work future in his hands, his wife wanting / needing the boss every so often. There would very likely be conversations in the office where the boss tells the cuck he needs to take himself away for the night as he will be visiting his home to fuck his wife. Great dynamic going on here, and I wonder which way it will go. I think for the cucks personal training, although it will be tough and a heavy learning curve, I think for the long term it would be better for him if the boss fucks his wife.
  12. Cuck cage advice

    Although I am nowhere near this point, and may never get there, the cage is a great idea and offers the best solution to knowing exactly where the relationship has settled. The cage basically is saying your satisfaction has ended, your wife will need to fulfil her desires elsehwhere, so it leaves absolutely no questions or grey areas. I have my ups and downs, often wondering where I stand, sometimes I get to enjoy my partner, then others she is engrossed in her lover. I often think a cage would be a good solution, as at least it’s final, you know exactly where you stand and you can rest knowing the exact situation.
  13. So, can much be read into this?

    She has probably just been charmed by him, you have along way to go before she ends up dropping her knickers. She may well though feel flattered and enjoyed the thought of your boss, so maybe now might be the right time to have start off conversations like ”what did you think to the boss then, he has a reputation for turning a fine looking ladies head?” “You seemed to get on with my boss, you were lucky to escape him, most ladies end up in bed with him” Questions that will get a response to gauge her reaction. Whatever her response, don’t bite straight away as you may scare her off, just allow her to say what she wants and ensure she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. Then you can use her responses in conversations in coming weeks when you have had a drink and are a little loose. Like if she said she liked him, and you were out on a night out, put yourself in a bar where other men can look at her and say something like “that guy over there can’t stop looking at your bottom. One minute it’s my boss, now it’s strangers in a bar, I am going to have problems trying to keep you to myself” Just general stuff to gauge her reaction. But whatever you do, don’t jump in straight away, just let her feel good, let her feel she can be open, and then go again with another comment in a week or two. You need to take baby steps, as she may not like the idea of you willing other guys to have her, so just tread in little steps to start with, but @@@@@@ her to the idea thoughts that others like the look of her as she may well enjoy it and it can open her mind