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  1. RobJohnson

    Wife beds hometown rival

    This really is a great situation to deal with. It adds so many mixed feelings into it all. Would be good if he had a bigger cock than you too, and good if she likes him and wants to do him more often. This will put you in a much better place with regards to learning to be a great cuck. Hopefully he gets to do your wife on a regular basis. Maybe he starts to call your wife on a Saturday afternoon and wants to meet up on a Saturday night, ruining any plans you have with your wife. See your wife change her plans to accommodate him, and leave you with nothing but thoughts in your head of your rival fucking her.
  2. RobJohnson

    Why do you want to share your wife?

    Because she deserves the best, deserves to enjoy herself and her pleasure comes first.
  3. RobJohnson

    Wife beds hometown rival

    The feeling of a guy you don’t like doing your wife. For sure he would have had the feeling of getting one over on you. For sure he would want to take her places you haven’t.
  4. RobJohnson

    Almost divorced

    Glad for you Bill. I suppose you will ensure she gets everything she needs to ensure you stay with her. Her pleasure is an absolute priority. You don’t want to lose her.
  5. RobJohnson

    Cuckold Video - helpless cuck Dec 18

    I like this. The cuck is trying to help out, thinking he is part of it, but in reality the bull is only interested in fucking the wife, and the wife is only interested in the bull. I admire him trying to stay involved, but probably best he leaves the roof and then them get on with it. Or just moves to the side of the room at the very least. Helpless, and useless cuck.
  6. RobJohnson

    Cuckold Video - Cuck jerking off watching wife

    I wonder whether the husband had any second thoughts after he had finished jerking off? Had to sit and watch his wife continued to get shafted by the powerful bull, as he is just sitting there spent.
  7. RobJohnson

    Cum Eating

    I am a reluctant cuckold. My partner strays, and so I need training to help me understand and embrace the situation. It works well for me, but perhaps it’s best in PM form.
  8. RobJohnson

    Cum Eating

    I receive cuckold training every so often, which include several physical and mental challenges. It ensures your mindset is firmly focussed on your wife’s needs, and that your needs aren’t important. Often at the end of session it involves eating my own cum, if instructed to do so. For me it’s a great part of my learning. My wife loves cum, and it just gets me to think for a moment whilst it is in my mouth that if this is what she likes, I should always try and help her get what she wants. If she goes out and I think it maybe with a lover, I often think of my cum eating during the lessons, and think that she will be doing this at some point during the night out. Just helps me realise what she does, what she enjoys and how I should encourage her to do what she enjoys. I used to feel sad when I thought of her swallowing her lovers load, but since the training and me being required to eat it during session, my mind is in a much better place
  9. He fucked her real good. If he was to fuck your wife, you would just to have to raise the white flag and realise he would be number one.
  10. RobJohnson

    Wife said she's to big

    More of this lovely woman, just perfect
  11. RobJohnson

    slut nurse G/F love bbc

    I really look forward to any photos you post. Many thanks and PLEASE keep them cumming.
  12. RobJohnson

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Wonder what was going through her head? Suddenly being told the door was open to fuck who she wanted. Must have been a huge transition for her and difficult to take onboard initially. I would think it would have taken a good few cocks inside her before she settled down. Just shows what can be done, and because she is stunning, it really is the right decision that someone this attractive gets to enjoy many men
  13. RobJohnson

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Must be of been a hell of a journey. At the beginning I am sure you wanted to keep her all to yourself? Must have been a transition period where your mindset changed? I wonder whether that transition period was easy, must have blew your mind at the start. But as you say, she is gorgeous, and even if you wanted to, these women are that stunning it’s impossible for them to go through life with just one cock. They need and deserve more.
  14. RobJohnson

    Elaine's First Time

    I like the ones of her with a cock the best. Those pictures just make her look warmer, more comfortable, as if it is meant to be. She defiantly looked the best surrounded by cock.
  15. RobJohnson

    Let me see ur wife pics

    Deserves the best bulls. I’d last five seconds in her.