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  1. RobJohnson

    Hot nurse NY/NJ

    Caroline is amazing, just so so sexy. Even in the photo where she is just standing with friends, she oozes sex. I am not sure if it’s those huge tits or not, but her non sex photos still give off a vibe that she wants it. I think if Caroline had started out not being a slut, the attention she would inevitably have got would mean there would have been only one way for her to go. So much attention will have come her way over the years that she just wouldn’t be able to avoid it. I think she looks terrific in every photo, and I think those looks just mean she was destined to be a slut. More photos please, Caroline is stunning
  2. RobJohnson

    Hot nurse NY/NJ

    The size of that cock. I can only imagine the fun she had with that, and the fun you had watching
  3. RobJohnson

    Mature UK wife Marlene Flint's sexy pic’s.

    Wow - just stumbled across this lovely lady. Great photos
  4. RobJohnson

    Showing hotwives

    I don’t know what it is that tells you she is a bbc lover. I just think it’s her total look, she just looks naturally built for their use. I am Caroline’s number 1 fan. Would love to see some quality videos of her in action, particularly when they start to undress her. Would love to see her prepare for the evening too.
  5. RobJohnson

    Showing hotwives

    The second picture is stunning. Imagine meeting Caroline like that, knowing what she is like. Just perfection. But the last picture I really like. Those big tits, and the hand on her shoulder of the guy who is going to be enjoying her. Caroline is great, but sometimes her pictures just tell a story which makes them and her even better.
  6. RobJohnson

    Showing hotwives

    Your wife has had some cock Robert. You have tons of great photos, different cock every time. Must be one of the most used and experiences hot wives around. Well done
  7. RobJohnson

    Preparing for a date

    As always, thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoy Caroline’s pictures.
  8. RobJohnson

    Chastity tips

    Someone told me they had to buy several devices before they found one that was the right fit for them. Maybe this one isn’t for you and you need to try another? This person said it was a bit of a nightmare trying to find the right one. But once you find it, it’s all worth it.
  9. RobJohnson

    Per request

    Happy Birthday. This must be the post of the year, even though we are only in January
  10. RobJohnson

    My wife needs encouragement

    I think you are a real genuine help to people on this site. You give a very positive and helpful outlook
  11. RobJohnson

    Cuckold Advice & Comments

    This is one of your best photos of Elaine Robert, it’s just wonderful
  12. RobJohnson

    Curious Cathy in Tennessee, NEW, but maybe?

    I think Cathy is about to start one hell of a journey, it’s just its a new situation that she has to deal with. But she has Don to help her, she is a very nice and desirable lady, so once she understands where she is, I think she will be enjoying herself tremendously. Give her a few months just to analyse it all, to come to terms with what her husband is allowing her to and she will be like a young adult out exploring the world again. The bulls are waiting for you Cathy, you have put your photos out there already, the first step to inviting them to come and have you. Take your time, then go and enjoy all they have to offer you.
  13. RobJohnson

    Per request

    Clearly one of the very best on here now
  14. RobJohnson

    emotional breaking

    My view is that every relationship needs constant work, and most have challenges throughout the years. But I think if a couple are able to create a strong cuckold relationship, the trust that is needed within this, would mean that the overall relationship would be intensely strong. Cuckolding would mean extreme levels of trust is needed, there would be lots of dealing with huge emotion and there would be lots of ensuring each partner is okay when events occur. So I believe that if you both can deal with those, you have been able to work together to form a great relationship. I suppose it is a test that many couples could not endure, as lots struggle to deal with many normal aspects of a relationship.
  15. RobJohnson

    My wife needs encouragement

    The main thing is to treat her well. She deserves the best, she is a lovely lady so ensure you plan it to give her the very best. I can just see the pair of you go on a great voyage of fun, and you just must ensure every single thing is right so she wants more and more. Wouldnt it be good to look back in a year and see you have both executed this perfectly, you would have been a great cuck and she will have enjoyed all the men she has wanted. The very best of luck, she looks wonderful.