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  1. Caroline is simply the best. So look forward to seeing her photos.
  2. More and more photos of her please. My favourite
  3. You need to get a real stud to do her. She looks like she’d go really well, so you need to seek the right guy to do her good
  4. You’d have a great time on her. Tell us more about her, does she get plenty of cock? If not, it’s about time she did.
  5. RobJohnson


    I think it’s defiantly you looking for the ultimate in total submission.
  6. I enjoy your posts. Thanks for sharing
  7. Oh yes, just so desirable. Just so sexy and I can understand why the bbc’s swarm around her. The very best - thank you for sharing
  8. I think we are all different, and experience and history makes us what we are. So everyone has different feelings and gets drawn towards a certain way to go. Whatever that path is, you need to take it. It’s telling you to go down that path, it’s not to be suppressed. It isn’t any good trying to change those inner feelings. My example of this is many years ago many people had gay feelings but didn’t think it was right to go down that route, they tried to suppress it. But now it has been accepted, people have come out and taken the path that is right for them. Whatever you have inside is because you have come to the stage that you are now for a reason. So you shouldn’t stop it, you should follow what you feel naturally drawn towards.
  9. Love picture five. The girl on her back, legs spread and the powerful black guy thrusting in and out of her. His powerful thighs, his relentless thrusting. She must be overcome with the joy of him pounding her. How could you not want your lovely wife to not sample this? If you love her you must want her to feel that pleasure.
  10. That can’t be the first bbc she’s taken up the arse. That cock fits in there with ease.
  11. Caroline is amazing, just so so sexy. Even in the photo where she is just standing with friends, she oozes sex. I am not sure if it’s those huge tits or not, but her non sex photos still give off a vibe that she wants it. I think if Caroline had started out not being a slut, the attention she would inevitably have got would mean there would have been only one way for her to go. So much attention will have come her way over the years that she just wouldn’t be able to avoid it. I think she looks terrific in every photo, and I think those looks just mean she was destined to be a slut. More photos please, Caroline is stunning
  12. The size of that cock. I can only imagine the fun she had with that, and the fun you had watching
  13. I don’t know what it is that tells you she is a bbc lover. I just think it’s her total look, she just looks naturally built for their use. I am Caroline’s number 1 fan. Would love to see some quality videos of her in action, particularly when they start to undress her. Would love to see her prepare for the evening too.
  14. The second picture is stunning. Imagine meeting Caroline like that, knowing what she is like. Just perfection. But the last picture I really like. Those big tits, and the hand on her shoulder of the guy who is going to be enjoying her. Caroline is great, but sometimes her pictures just tell a story which makes them and her even better.