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  1. I know I owe everyone an update - been a crazy period. My wife and Tom are still an item. It is evolving and I am involved so I am fully aware. When I get a chance to share more in full I will.
  2. So could use some advice here... things have been pretty status quo last 10 days or so. My wife and Tom have gotten together a few times, nothing over the top but enough for her to get her itch scratched. On Sunday my wife was out running around doing errands and I was just watching the football game and Tom sent me a text asking if I wanted to grab a beer to watch the game. I agreed. I was with him about an hour when his phone, which was sitting on the bar, lit up with a text. I saw it had my wife's name on it and he grabbed it and read it and looked a bit uncomfortable. So I asked him, "what did she say?" At first he tried to act like it was nothing but I asked again so he just handed me the phone. It might not be verbatim but the text basically said - "Came home and hubby is not around - can I come over for a quick fuck?" It's not like I don't know they are sleeping together but he apologized and I told him that wasn't necessary. We talked about it for a bit when he came out with why he asked me to grab a beer. He told me he had a work event that it would be in his best interest to have a date. He said he'd love it to be my wife since they get along so well and she would fit in so well in that environment. He said he wanted to ask me first and hadn't mentioned anything to my wife and wouldn't if I said no. He said to think about it and let him know this weekend and he would understand no matter what. So I've thought about it a ton the last two days, can't get it out of my mind and not sure what to do. I'm wondering if this opens a new path for them together. Right now it seems very "fun" between them and mostly sexual and I'm not sure if this would add a new dynamic. Anyone been in this kind of position or have thoughts on it?
  3. So the latest is that my wife is still seeing Tom every few days. She heads over at night and comes back home a few hours later. He invited us over on Sunday to watch a football game and my wife sat on couch with him. I turned my attention from game and she was blowing him. They went to fuck at halftime and came back. I don't sense this is ending any time soon.
  4. Update: God she looked good when she left. I figured I wouldn't see them until after midnight but at about 11 PM they came in the door and I didn't hear them because I was watching the video of them and was jerking off. My wife found me in the home office and caught me in action and startled me. She said she guessed I was set for the night and said Tom came back with her because it was too crowded and noisy out and they decided to ring in the New Year in style. She asked me if I minded sleeping on the couch. I came the second she walked out the door. I went into the bedroom a few minutes before midnight and they were going at it and oblivious to the time. I brushed me teeth and grabbed a blanket and watched a little more. Tom was missionary on top of her so neither of them ever even saw me go through the room. I woke up around 3AM when I heard them in the kitchen. I peaked through closed eyes and they were both naked grabbing a drink and still touching each other. I went in the bedroom this morning and they were both asleep, still naked, a bit intertwined. I decided to go work out and get some breakfast and Tom was gone when I got home a few hours later.
  5. Quick update: My wife and Tom got together over the weekend and we had babysitter plans fall through for tonight so you can guess who is staying home and who is getting ready to go out right now. I peaked in the bathroom earlier while she was in the shower and she was shaving... everything. Guess it will be a slippery wet new year for someone.
  6. Well... it's just after 10 PM... Tom is still here and I am on my computer. Tom arrived right at 7. My wife wasn't quite ready so I had to get the door. We shook hands and I invited him in and let's just say it was really awkward. I fixed him a drink and we tried to small talk. There was an obvious elephant in the room. We really hadn't spent time together ever. We were in the same place, on the same field/court/etc. but never really had a conversation of any sorts. We finally got into sports which made things easier. My wife came in the room about 15 minutes later. She gave Tom a hug and kiss on cheek and then sat by me. She looked really good but in a Mom-next-door way not a dear god she wants to get laid way. She asked what we were talking about and when I told her sports she said she figured. We seemed to get along fine with my wife now in the conversation and it went on another 10-15 minutes before she cut to the chase. She started by saying we all knew why we in the same room so might as well be adults about it and talk it through. She suggested we each ask each other a question to each of the other two and go from there and she suggested I go first. So I asked Tom when he knew it was my wife he was talking to. He said he felt like he recognized her right away but didn't know where from. He said when they got up to go to the room he saw me and he immediately placed her from pictures he had seen of the two of us in a group on social media - we did have some common friends. He said he got a rush from it and really didn't know what to do but when he saw the camera in the room he thought we might be into kinky stuff and at that point he was so turned on by my wife he really wanted to be with her. I asked my wife if she went to Tom's that first time knowing she was going to cheat on me. She said no. She really went to talk because she was concerned by how I had described Tom that he might be the kiss and tell type just to hurt me. When she got there the attraction was strong as was the memory from the night they were together and one thing led to another. Tom went next and he asked me why I didn't stop him when he saw me leaving the bar with my wife. I told him I held out hope nothing would happen but was afraid if I made a scene that might make it worse and that he would talk. He asked my wife if I had showed him the tape. She answered no - which was true. My wife was next and she asked Tom how he felt at that moment knowing he had slept with my wife both with my knowledge and without it and how it made him feel. He paused for a moment and then said he felt strange that first night after he left. He regretted the note he left me and regretted turning on the recorder but not until he got home. In the heat of the moment both were a turn on due to our past. He felt that when my wife came to see him the secret of who he was had to be out between us and yet she was still there so he figured it was at least ok with us and the fact that he was at our house meant that we hadn't put a stop to it yet. So she looked at me and first stated that what Tom said was true and then she asked me point blank and asked me. Do you want to see Tom and I together or do you want this to be over? And before you answer she said, if the answer is no, that is fine, we'll all go separate ways and keep our secrets between us. It felt like time stood still and my wife really didn't give me any wiggle room. It seemed like an either or really quick. I tried to hem and haw through an answer that made it seem like a grey area and my wife interrupted saying, "It can't really be a maybe. That doesn't help anyone." I was torn. I have seen my wife with other men before and wasn't fazed, very turned on in fact. This was a bit different in that this was someone I knew, had history with, but yet I was still turned on. Tom hadn't moved a muscle, sitting across from us. My heart was pounding and I was silent. My wife looked at me again with raised eyes as if the whole world was waiting on my answer. Then she stood up and got in the middle of the room, right between where I was and where Tom was sitting. She looked at me and asked, "Do you want me to move towards you or Tom?" I just looked at her and could see him looking at me behind her and I couldn't talk. She then moved towards me, leaned down and kissed me and then stood up. "I think we have your answer so I won't make you say it." With that she turned and walked to Tom, straddled his lap and started to make out with him. I thought my heart would jump through my chest and my cock was hard as ever. They kissed for a bit then stood back up and looked at me. "Last chance," she said. I didn't reply so she undressed right there for Tom - leaving nothing on. Then she took off Tom's shirt, shoes, pants, etc and gave him an incredible blow job. Needless to say Tom is hung, significantly so, but I knew that from the video. Something about seeing in person is different though. For the next 30 minutes I wanted them. Oral on each other, kissing and then the part that was unreal. Tom laid her down on the couch so I had a side view and lifted her couch side leg up over his shoulder leaving the other on so it touched the floor and then he entered her - one long slow thrust till he was buried. My head was spinning as I watched them. My wife had cum from oral and not long into the fucking had cum again. They probably fucked and kissed in that position for about ten minutes when he said he was close. My wife latched onto him and sure enough he exploded in her. They stayed embraced for a couple minutes until my wife got up. She walked over to me and I could see cum dripping and she was sweaty. She asked me if I was ok. I said yes. She put her hand on my cock and smiled. She took it out, put it in her mouth and literally 10 seconds later I told her I was going to cum and she jerked me off to finish. She said she was going to freshen up which left Tom and I there across from each other. He was totally naked with his softening cock shiny and still big and me with mine out but shrinking fast. My wife was back after a few minutes with just a robe on. She suggested we order some pizza which we did and we talked like friends while we waited. She answered the door for the pizza guy in just the robe which wasn't exactly covering a lot. Tom said that has to be a happy pizza guy and we laughed. After we ate we talked some more. Then after my wife cleaned things up she was back in the middle of the room and looking at me again. "So should I tell Tom goodbye or have him clean me up in the shower?" I again wasn't quick to answer but my wife didn't wait long. She reached over and grabbed Tom's hand and said, "let's go get clean first." So I peeked in as she was sucking his cock in the shower and then they moved to our bed. Tom was pounding her doggie and they were really into it and that is when I came out to the computer. I've heard sounds off and on as I have been typing this but neither has left the room yet. Guess we'll have to see where this goes from here.
  7. One quick real-time update... My wife dropped our off at her parents for the night and Tom is now coming to our house at 7 PM so they we could talk without a lot of distractions at a restaurant. My wife has been getting ready for over an hour now. There are only a few ways this can go tonight but I have been told by my wife that I am not to hold back during this talk of how we got to this place... knots are already in my stomach.
  8. Update: So we are all meeting together tonight for a drink.
  9. Update: So my wife came to me this morning and said she needed to talk. So we sat down and she came clean. She said after I told her who Tom was she started to worry the next day that her secret was out. Two days after they first fucked he texted her to say he enjoyed meeting her and their time together and nothing else. She didn't know whether to respond to him or not but did feeling not responding could make matters worse. She told him she enjoyed herself too and that she didn't realize he knew me. After some back and forth where she explained how important it was to her to keep this discreet she agreed to meet him to talk it through and he told her he'd like to get a better understanding of why she was there that night. She went to his house after work the next day (thought she went to the gym) and she said she explained our little game which got them both worked up and she ended up fucking him in his kitchen. She told him after she was mad at herself and he asked her if I had told her about the tape. She did not know and she was not happy. Tom told her he regretted doing it now but that at the time he thought it was a good idea. She was mad that I hadn't told her about it. They fucked again before she left. The next time she was with him was when I followed her (which she doesn't know I did). She told me she was drawn to the sex and still mad that she felt like I hadn't been honest with her about the tape. They had sex - great sex she said - and before she left she asked Tom why he didn't like me. She said after a pause he said he really didn't know why. It had just started that way a long time ago and never changed and it was at a time when we were young and competitive. He told her that he and I would probably be friends if we had ever been on same teams. She confessed to him that she felt guilty but that she really enjoyed the sex but wasn't sure she could keep it up. He told her she needed to talk to me. So back to the conversation my wife said we needed to talk about this and whether she needed to stop. She asked if I had watched the tape and I said yes. She said she had looked for it and hadn't seen it. She asked if I jerked off watching it and I said yes. How much she asked and I said quite a bit. Then she just asked me, noticing I was hard, does it bother you that I have fucked him again. I told her a little because I didn't know but I guess it also turned me on. Then she asked if I wanted her to stop? I told her I need to think about it. She said that was fine but that if I wanted her stop she also wanted me to destroy the tape. It was a good conversation - most everything is out in the open. So I'm thinking about it... and am somewhat torn on how I want to respond.
  10. So to follow up on what happened next... I went to the room and I told my wife who it was that had just fucked her. She just kind of stared at me like why didn't you just get up and stop it. She kind of understood my dilemma but also said I shouldn't have let her go through it. I asked how it all went down and she asked if I really wanted to know given the circumstances and I said yes, might as well. She said he was attractive, funny and they hit it off right away and she knew immediately she wasn't going to text me and that she was going to fuck him if he made any indication he wanted to. Obviously he did. I knew I had the tape at that point, which she didn't know about, so I knew I'd see what went down. She told me he knew she was married from the beginning but didn't care and it was her who suggested they go to the room. She said he was maybe not the longest cock she'd ever had (had a real long ex-boyfriend) but definitely had the thickest and had better than average length as well. Of course I asked how much bigger than me and she just said, well, a lot. She said the sex was really good and she had a good time but now was a little unsure about everything since someone that "knew" us also knew our secret. I didn't get to watch the tape till the next day. Needless to say she felt the sex was a lot better than good. I have never seen her like that. She must have cum 5-6 times and Tom was right, it took awhile for her to take all of him but she did. There was also a lot she didn't tell me. He didn't wear a condom (which was something we always said would occur) and he came inside her and then after he had cum the first time and they were talking and he got hard again she blew him and swallowed him - something she doesn't do for me. It was hard to make out the conversation due to the video being recorded from across room but the sex sounds were unmistakable. It was erotic as hell even though it was my wife. I was hard as a rock the whole time watching it with mixed emotions and had a powerful orgasm watching the video. I wasn't sure how to process all of it but a week later it was late on Friday night and I was in the kitchen and about to go to bed when my wife's phone got a text. It was from a number that didn't have a name and it said "you left your sunglasses here". I felt that odd because I figured most of her friends names pop up when they call or text but didn't really worry about it until I was trying to fall asleep. Something didn't seem right about it. The next day I waited till my wife had used her phone and had walked away before the screen lock came on. I went to her text and sure enough there was an email string. It said it all. She said she would stop by when she could that day and the response was only if she could stay a couple hours again. I wasn't sure exactly who it was but got to thinking it was definitely another man. Later that day she said she needed to run some errands and told me I should go hit some golf balls or something. I knew what was up. I left when she did, waited behind a little and followed her. She looked really good for running errands it struck me as I watched her leave her car that she had parked in a driveway. The door opened and there was Tom. She kissed him in the doorway and went inside. I had very mixed emotions as I watched her go inside. She hadn't mentioned a word to me since we left the hotel the week before but they had obviously exchanged numbers and had gotten together at least once before and now a second time in right at seven days. It didn't take the smartest man to know he was fucking her again. I went home, watched the tape and jerked off and when my wife got home almost three hours since she had left she went right in to shower saying she felt grimy from running around. While she was in the shower I went to the closet and could smell the sex on her panties, not to mention see the stains. She was of course too tired for me that night. All in all it has now been three weeks since they first met up. I have at least two more instances where her story for being gone and home late didn't add up so I of course figured those times at a minimum she has been with Tom. I'm really not sure what to do. I mean this guy I don't really like is fucking my wife regularly now. He knows it. I know it and my wife knows it. Obviously the sex is that good for her and he probably loves the idea that he is fucking her still and behind my back now. Not sure what my next move is but will keep everyone posted.
  11. My wife wouldn't tell me for the longest time. I didn't know why as I said I didn't care and she just didn't want to talk about it. We met in early 30's so based on her response I figured she had hit double digits and was just embarrassed by that. I mean that is less than one a year from age 18. One night I asked one too many times and she snapped and was pissed and so she blurted out it has probably been over 30 men and was I happy that I now knew and she kind of stormed off. I've never brought it up again, all is good with us, but still fantasize about that number.
  12. My wife and I had spiced up our relationship over the last few years and one of the ways we had done it was for her to go to a nice hotel bar all dressed up as sexy as she could be and wait for men to approach her and have conversations, flirt, try to pick her up - all while I would be across the room watching. She always wore her ring and was clear she had a husband to those that approached so she was up front and not hiding that. They were also told she was waiting for me to get there from something work-related. They just didn't know I was there the whole time. We did this a number of times and after she was in a good conversation I would come up approach and my wife would introduce me and the guy was always bummed and told me how lucky I was. We would retreat home or to the hotel room if we were staying the night and always have great sex. After a few times doing this we instituted a 30 min rule. The rule was if I didn't approach in 30 minutes it was up to her whether or not to keep the conversation going - it was just a way to spice it up a little more and add some intrigue between us. If I missed my window she at some point would text me a thumbs up or a thumbs down emoji. The thumbs down meant I had 15 minutes to come "get her out of jail" and the thumbs up meant I had to stay away. She could also send me a thumbs up earlier if she wanted me to stay away. She had been with other men since we had been married so she did have a discretionary green light. The first time I tested it was just to see how she would respond. I could tell from body language she was not into the guy and sure enough I got the thumbs down emoji and went to her rescue. The next time I got an early thumbs up and stayed away. After about an hour I got the thumbs down and approached. She later told me the guy was hot and she liked him but he was never going to make any kind of move other than talk her ear off so she was ready to get out of there. Last weekend we went to our favorite hotel bar uptown and dropped off at family's house and got a room for the night. She looked dazzling as she got ready and when she went to the bathroom to put on some finishing touches so I set up a small camera next to the TV to film us that had a remote to operate and I put that on the dresser. My wife didn't like to know she was being filmed as it made her self-conscious so I didn't necessarily hide it but figured she wouldn't see it. Anyway, I figured we'd be back in the room in a few hours and I would just hit record and could enjoy it later. When she was ready she came out and grabbed her little purse. She had on a hot short black dress which propped up her tits and red heels that accentuated her legs. She gave me a peck on the cheek and laughed as she said "wish me luck". I laughed and off she went. I would wait a few minutes for her to get situated at the bar and come in later just so no one saw us together. When I got down it was a bit more crowded than usual but I saw my wife across the room at the bar. She was already in conversation with a man whose back was to me. I never get too close to her but with the crowd I had to grab a small two-top table further away than normal. I did my normal watching and she looked very engaged with this man, lots of laughing, talking and listening. She looked extra hot tonight so as the 30 minute deadline approached I figured I'd let it run and leave it to her knowing I'd eventually be unwrapping that dress and see those heels on my shoulders. I had my phone out waiting for a response which usually came quicker but then it appeared. The thumbs up - stay away. I ordered another drink and waited for when I'd get the signal or for when she would get up and walk away. About an hour after we had arrived I got a triple thumbs up emoji. I wasn't sure what that specifically meant other than I should continue to stay away. I was paying close attention now to them and her body language and she was obviously enjoying herself. I wasn't sure if she knew where I was sitting or not and still hadn't gotten a look at the man when I saw him stand up and hold out his hand. My wife put hers in his and I could see her ring glisten from across the room. Was he leaving? Was she leaving? The answer was they were both leaving, with her hand in his. They started to walk in my direction but not right at me so I tried to look without staring. They were going to pass me about two tables to my left and as they got closer I saw the man she was with and my heart dropped. It was someone I grew up with and did not like - we competed at everything growing up. Each getting the better of each other over the years in sports, school and seemingly all facets of life. I hadn't crossed paths with him in maybe 15 years but did know he lived in same city. My wife then caught eyes with me and gave a little nervous smile. I was like frozen and the man looked like he might have glanced my way but I wasn't sure and I tried to look away. I had no idea what to do. If I got up and stopped them, which my wife had always said I could do if something like this were to happen and I didn't want it to, then he would know that was my wife and whatever led them to this point would be out in the open and she would be embarrassed and I would be humiliated. And if I didn't, well, I wasn't 100% sure where it was going but had a sinking feeling it might end up there. After they passed by I turned to see where they were headed and sure enough they went towards the elevators, hand-in-hand. As they waited I watched as he leaned down and kissed her. It was not a peck on the cheek and the elevator doors opened and he gave her a little push on the ass. They disappeared and I panicked. Not knowing at all what kind of conversation they had to that point I didn't know what I could and couldn't do. Then it hit me, reply with as many thumbs down emojis as possible and pray she saw them and understood their meaning. So i did and sent the text. The only thing I could do was to wait and see if she got the text. At this point not sure how she would get out of it if she did but she was a quick-on-her feet woman and even though I didn't like this guy he didn't have a reputation as being a bad guy so I figured at worse he would just be kind of pissed. Either way I wouldn't know right away because even if she got my text she would have to figure out how to get out of what she got into. I figured she could always make out a bit and maybe some petting and then say "I'm sorry, I just can't do this." I figured that would be ok if that his how she had to get out of it. The time seemed to drag on forever and after about 45 minutes my mind started to fear that she didn't get the text or see it in time. What else could take this long. After about 90 minutes I was almost positive. As the two-hour mark approached my waitress brought over another drink with a note - handing me both. I had a puzzled look and opened the note. It read: "I felt the least I should do is buy you a beer. Your wife is without a doubt the best fuck I have ever had. Sorry it took so long but damn she was tight. It was good to see you again." It was signed Tom. "P.S. I hit record for you before anything started but you might want to make sure you are alone when you watch it." My heart sank and I knew Tom had fucked my wife and my daze was broken by an incoming text. It said, "I just got this... WTF? Come to the room." I settled my tab and went to the room not sure what I was going to say to my wife, not sure what she was going to say to me and not sure I wanted to even watch the tape. I need a breather before I share the rest because we did talk and I did watch the tape...